In case you are looking for something cool in the New Year or your state just adopted a more reasonable approach to medical cannabis, this product review is just the news you need. Also if you are beyond the joint stage and have moved on to a more sophisticated option for urban settings, then you can YoCan.

The model used here is the YoCan Evolve Plus, shown here in the Special Edition B&W tile print metal case.

A Yocan is a type of dual coil vaporizer used to medicate with crumble, wax, budder, shatter, or filled vape cartridge.

Silicon jar [base], quartz dual coil [combustion chamber], coil cap, 1100mah battery with USB inset, atomizer tube

When unboxed the unit is fully assembled. You must unscrew the atomizer tube [top] from the main unit including the quartz dual coil, then unscrew the coil cap, exposing the twin coils. Drop or swipe the extract material upon the coils, replace both the cap and atomizer tube, then press the black rectangle button just under the [coil] base. It’s best to hesitate for a second or two before drawing the vapor into your mouth.

The hit is smooth and the distinction between types of extracts (shatter, budder, crumble) can be experienced with a rear nose burn that almost makes your eyes water, almost. The head change is very quick but the couch lock is momentary. In an instant it’s welcome to your world.

The unit has a solid heft to it which adds to the quality of the unit. Only the [coil] base is plastic and the machined threads lock for screwing without any problems. Just remember to treat your YoCan with the proper feel for vaping your medication. For a filled vape cartridge, unscrew everything including the base, then screw your cartridge into the threaded connection.

Your YoCan comes with a USB connection cord [short], an extract tool, and a second quartz dual coil to rotate to avoid reclaim buildup. This model YoCan is part of a product line made in China, a country where medicating with locals is extremely forbidden.

PT Rothschild

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