As the story of the GMO pot experiment in Colorado spreads, we look at this NEWS Nurse report of how they will track the experiment results and the next step in the plan to eradicate the “World’s Most Useful Plant“.   

In August 2011, the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division was awarded* a $1.5 million contract to Franwell Inc. to institute a seed-to-sale marijuana tracking method for Colorado MMJ enterprises using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. By early 2012 the system was in place assuring a way to track the GMO market outlets. According to a Franwell release about the Colorado contract, “RFID tracking of marijuana will capture information on the approved 6 plants allowed per patient, each stage of plant growth, distribution and final sale. Whether a patient requires smokeable product or marijuana infused products (MIP) such as ice cream or salsa, RFID will track that patient’s product and allowance in accordance with state regulations.” (*- was awarded means the agency got money and was told where to spend it, making MMED the middleman in a government to government contractor deal)

“World’s Most Useful Plant” Marijuana Targeted for Biological Bug Attack

420 and hummingbird“Some years ago a grower in Hawaii emailed me reporting, ‘the night before two government Huey choppers had hovered low over his marijuana crop and began dropping some unknown insects onto his crop.

By the time daylight had come every bud on his marijuana plants had been chewed OFF the stocks and were laying on the ground! At the Time all I could do was pass the word to a friend who is a Reverend from the [redacted] email list who lives in Hawaii, to look out and ask around the
other growers. Well 10 months later we all found out the answers to what really went on that dark Hawaiian night.

 It was Genetically Engineered insects that attacked. Now we wonder what happens if these bugs mutate and decide to start eating more than just pot plants?”

[ed- this latest piece in The Great Colorado Pot Experiment puzzle is from Cub Reporter ‘SkyHigh’, a 420Nurse]

PT Rothschild

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