Once again people have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to the the light brigard and turn the tidecontrol over their food and health versus an authoritarian figure to announce what’s good for you. The last time this happened was for the election concerning Prop 37, the ballot initiative to label GMOs in California. Losing by only 3% at the polls was close enough for the Feds and their bosses at Monsanto to take off the gloves, quietly.

This ‘quiet’ attack to catch California and the whole nation by surprise GMO and March Against marcherscomes in three prongs. The first is a corruption bag of tricks, like the hacker attack on the Facebook site listing the GMA Dana Point event details for Saturday. Typical tricks include the mainstream news blackout about anything related to GMOs or protests. The last national march in over 200 cities on the same day received NO COVERAGE except by free press [locally, the Valley News] or citizen journalism online [temeculacalendar.com].

The second prong of attack is the anticipatory GMO legislation to be drafted up starting this coming weekend on through next Thursday which will clip the nuts of the states much like Obama’s TPP. The President’s campaign integrity was undermined with the appointments of several ex/swinging door Monsanto shills into positions of government authority.


Simply put, people from Monsanto can’t be trusted, as the end of this news report from Chapman University shows. No matter how many times you see it, you never get used to soulless people when you hear them speak. Perhaps it is being naïve or perhaps it comes with the bloodline from the woman [Gen 3] to feel we could all love one another as earth people.

It is the third prong of this unprecedented attack upon America’s population however, that is the most insidious, which is the deliberate experimentation fostered on the general public without their knowledge. The presumption for a country that holds every other country to their word is it is expected to observe the same rule as principled honor. Of course, we need only to look at the Federal Government’s treatment of Native American treaties, of which none was EVER honored, as precedence.

All the moms, the farmers, the activists, the teachers, and innocent IMG_1531bystanders have not ignited the general public to awareness of this evil yet. The time is coming; Monsanto and the GMA can feel it, hence the unannounced release of GMO apples and GMO pot for public consumption. If you are waiting for a government announcement, put your head between your legs and pucker!

As the ONLY organization to take a stand against GMO pot being sold in California PERIOD, and not just to patients, I urge you to support the 420Nurses as they seek to protect your stash from being nano-teched by Monsanto and George Soros, who himself is an avid puffer. Yep, the Devil wears Prada and smokes weed!

Come out to the beach early tomorrow; join the 420Nurses as they take on patients’ pot safety with NO GMO POT!! Oh, and take plenty of pictures cause it could be fun.

no GMO beeline wick photo

PT Rothschild

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