As readers await the latest chapter of the amazing food fight happening this March Against Monsanto crowdweekend at Dana Point in a siege set to be joined by the 420Nurses who represent the GMO pot issue being experimented with in Colorado’s legal weed scene, blowback is being felt by John Diaz, the Orange County Label GMO Coordinator who invited the group to address an unattended issue and the untapped youth/ media market.

The head cheese at Natural News, a cutting edge network for food activism and a staunch foe of Monsanto, is less than thrilled to ‘have help from stoners’. However, John, who has a schizophrenic son helped by medical marijuana, knows that there are ‘stoners’ and ‘medical pot patients’ and that they are two distinct market demos. John, who walked from New York to DC in support of labeling GMOs then spent another month at Occupy 420 and all dressed up ready to goLos Angeles [he did go home at nights but there was no work done during this period, so no income], is no stranger to adversity. John is also savvy enough to know that for this gunfight we need ‘every warm body that can shoulder a piece’. And if that warm body is a good looking piece, so much the better. Who says people in the trenches have to be ugly?

Being privy to the inner workings of the waning days of Prop 37, the ugly head of sexism reared its head as the some of the male dominated organizations looked down their penis’ at the women led groups as the ballot defeat being the woman’s fault. This reporter was surprised to see an egotistic division in a cause so clearly a woman’s equal, being that moms are women and birth farmers, know what I mean, Verne?

m a a m banner-flag Moms Across America

So if just the news that GMO pot represented by the health handlers of hemp, the 420Nurses, is generating some blowback from someone who hasn’t realized that this cause is bigger than he is, wait till the roll in, though at press time, the 420Nurses appearance at Dana Point has yet to be confirmed. Rain, shine, or Nurses, the NEWS will be there because everyone eats and there are Millions against Monsanto.

(*- GMO here means gender male organization)

PT Rothschild

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