Everyone who loves and respects cannabis should see GMO pot as blasphemy but for those who don’t, here’s the 411.

GMO weed

Unlike natural crossbreeding, a GMO pot plant’s DNA is micro-shotgun blasted by unnatural DNA from a foreign source that would never ever happen in nature. The plant is turned into its own pesticide [to kill any insects who eat it, ie, 88% of all US corn] and made resistant to glyphosate, a ‘burn-down’ agent used in herbicides that kills both good and bad soil microbes and is linked to birth defects. Common sense will tell you a poison cannot be made into candy without disastrous results.

GMO food but safe for you card

But wait, there’s more. Not content just to have a poisonous plant disguised as something beneficial to sick and well people alike, GMO pot uses terminator seed technology. This means the plant is sterile by design.

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When terminator seed technology was first introduced into GMO plants it was seen as a good thing because it meant the farmer could not save seed from one growing cycle to the next, meaning costly replenishment or more profits to the seed companies.

Though it may be buried, a report done by FDA scientists in the 80s found that fruit flies exposed to terminator seed products became sterile themselves in three generations. The warning against general consumption of products made from this technology was buried as GMOs were rubber stamped by the likes of Michael Taylor, a notorious Monsanto shill still employed by the taxpayers as FDA chief.

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What will GMO pot do to or for you? I couldn’t say, in fact, no one can. There are no tests or studies complied about using GMO pot. Field tests on other GMO products speak for themselves however.

GMO corn vs real corn in the wildGMO pot would just be another product added to goats that grow ears, kittens that glow, or corn that makes insects’ tummies go pop, apples that don’t brown, ditto potatoes, and keeps America #1 in inflammatory disorders. Taking something GMO into your lungs and into your brain’s THC receptors that has foreign DNA can’t be a good thing. And don’t forget GMO harm and DNA disruption is progressive, like rust.

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There is one more reason why any product with terminator seed technology is against nature. Everything natural reproduces, starting with cells, the foundation of life on this planet and ending with people. To manipulate into being something that is sterile is a crime against nature of the most devilish sort and dangerous because of sympathetic magic, ie., the principle of like produces like. If a population eats/smokes sterile products, they will become sterile. Magic of this type can be found in Gen 30:31- 42 as Jacob deals with his tricky uncle Laban.

Since the corporations have all the sway in the free market capitalism system, what is demanded is having any and all cannabis which is GMO’d labeled as such. Also noted, at present, mole sources report that only the sativa cannabis strain has been GMO’d.

At present only the CCHI marijuana initiative has any GMO language in it.

CCHI2016 banner

In California and around the nation, this is a developing story.

Currently both Canada and the whole country of Uruguay are growing Monsanto GMO pot to be marketed as unlabeled government sanctioned marijuana to uninformed citizens of those countries. This is one of the tie-ins to the fast-tracked TTP trade deal.

no fast track women

If you don’t vote, make friends with a number of folks who do and cross-educate them. We are all fighting different arms of the same kraken, for survival.

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PT Rothschild

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  • Matt
    May 20, 2015, 5:35 pm

    The author of this is both a disgrace to journalism by posting false information and fear mongering, and pathetically illiterate in science. Way to reinforce the negative stereotype that Cannabis users are idiots.


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