Just in time for the big celebration weedover taking place in Denver after Whoopi and Tedthe first 4/20 Easter in recent memory, the first old school big name comedian in Hollywood since Red Skelton said he’d puff on Johnny Carson, Whoopi Goldberb, Ted Danson’s one-time flame, has started writing about pot in the Denver Post.

 Whoopi Goldberg says she’s in love with her marijuana-vaporizing pen.

In her new column for The Denver Post’s Cannabist website, the Oscar-winning entertainer writes that her “vape pen” relieves the devastating glaucoma headaches she suffers without overwhelming her with a marijuana high.

Goldberg’s debut column appeared Thursday.

She writes that marijuana eases the pressure, pain and stress of glaucoma, and her vaporizing pen allows her to get the right amount in small sips.

Goldberg says she’s ‘discreet’ about using the pen if she’s in jurisdictions where medical marijuana is illegal. Kind of makes you want to watch Burglar all over again, doesn’t it?

Story source – MSN

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