Who is Charlo Greene?

Who is Charlo Greene?

Charlo Greene (born Charlene Egbe) , an alaskan woman who attended high school in Anchorage, Alaska. Also attending the University of Texas at Arlington where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast News. Working as an intern and production assistant at KXAS and KDAF in Dallas prior to becoming an anchor/reporter for WOAY and WOWK in West Virginia, WRWR in Georgia, WJHL in Tennessee, and KTVA in Alaska. Charlo is a credited businesswoman and former reporter/anchor for KTVA in Anchorage, Alaska.

Aside from these accomplishments, Charlo Greene will forever be known as the “F*** it, I quit” reporter because of the headline-making manner in which she abruptly quit her KTVA job. In the news spotlight Greene revealed that she was the business owner of the club and used profanity after explaining that she was quitting in order to devote more time to advocate for marijuana reform in Alaska. “As for this job,” she concluded, “not that I have a choice, but… fuck it. I quit.”  After quitting Greene opened an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for marijuana reform, on her Indiegogo page, Greene elaborates on her mission, mocking “prohibitionists” who use “fear-mongering” and “don’t know how to use Google.” She has also opened the Alaska Cannabis Club. Alaska Cannabis Club is Alaska’s FIRST and ONLY legal cannabis resource.


Now a public figure in the cannabis industry being recognized by pot smokers and activists worldwide, her mission is to being legalization to Alaska and hopefully around  the world. On October 16, 2014 High Times awarded Greene its Courage in Media Award at their 40th anniversary party in New York. The 2015 4/20 High Times Cannabis Cup invited Charlo Greene as a guest speaker to encourage thousands to keep supporting Mary Jane!


Charlo has also announced Alaska’s first cannabis expo! June 5-6 30mins South of Anchorage, event goers can expect to sample dozens of locally grown strains, an endless array of munchies and infused edibles, top shelf concentrates while enjoying great vibes, amazing music and our in house-tattoo artists.

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When asked what’s your favorite strain?

 Charlo Greene replies “My favorite strain is a classic: Jack Herer. It always goes back to him. I hope to make just the smallest, smallest fraction of impact that he has left, and his legacy. So smoke it, toke up that Jack Herer: This is what we’re fighting for.”
Just more reasons to love this mota-vated activist striving to create a better tomorrow for cannabis!

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