As a long time resident in and around the small town of Murrieta, you are being manipulated by the way my neighbors are portrayed in the news to the world.

murrieta says no to second migrant wave
Presented in the ‘press’ as the latest feeding frenzy of the minute like the ranchers who stood up to the Feds BLM, the town or a portion of the population are attracting attention by standing up to the Federal government. Though marketed as people divided by race and compassion, this fight is really about control and contempt the Federal Government, and government in general as proved in this public experiment, have for the country’s citizen taxpayers and voters.

murrieta says no as cops divide the protestors
If you are here reading this report, chances are you thought the government was just about punishing marijuana smokers and crooks/corruption with some collusion with big business thrown in. But We, the People, became enslaved 101 years ago with the creation of the IRS and the Federal Reserve after being sold to the banking cartel by Woodrow Wilson.

the light brigard and police state with eye

With the wars, the secret spending of taxes, the spying; at last the arrogance is showing what people are beginning to see. We are not citizens, but subjects. The two party system is a scam because they are all the same inbreeds.

murrieta says no to immigrants

Arbitrarily you don’t just move a group of people into an area like it is a refugee site or a reservation. There is no government facility here set up to house any of these migrants. It is akin to taking a bag of kittens to a neighbor’s yard at the end of your block and dumping them over the fence because you didn’t neuter your cat, or refuse to. It is irresponsible. To paint the situation as being ‘racist’ or humanitarian is SPIN, pure and simple, Occupy-style.

I have stood in candlelight prayer circles where only one person knew the family who has lost a kid through a pool drowning.

Murrieta and sky pictures 060
This protest is about the over-reach of the Federal Government into any area of the country [or the world] it sees fit, like Monsanto, like God.

PT Rothschild

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