Whatever Floats Your Boat

Whatever Floats Your Boat

When I first started to cover the 420Nurses past the models who posed for my business card artwork, I could sense something about the group akin to a Tootsie Roll Pop. I saw the wrapper [and what a wrapper], I saw the sweet playfulness and curiosity about my presence around the group, and that some of the nurses seemed to ‘hang on each other’, as was mentioned to me like a guy standing outside the girl’s locker room at high school.

At the time, as a reporter in the LA Cannabis scene along with other markets like San Diego, I looked into all the groups and people I met as I covered the waterfront, so to speak. Some groups were also founded by women, but none seemed orientated quite in the same fashion as the 420Nurses. First off, their leader/founder, had trained to be a woman cop but just prior to graduation, decided to quit and do something else. The group also spring from an inspiration on Halloween in Hollywood.

The 420Nurse group weren’t spiritual like some, and seemed more down to earth, rather than lofty. The 420Nurses also didn’t seem to be afraid of ‘God’ or the Bible in the way the more commercial, mainline, and mature mindsets were. Actually, things were 420 different right from the start, since it took six months to register with me that a group of marijuana maidens is mentioned as a closing chuckle to the readers of my memoirs [available Amazon eBook; hard copy, 420Nurses Boutique].

The top leadership had exhibited a certain magic, which didn’t seem too farfetched when you consider the people involved with cannabis. After all, the Jewish miracle of Hanukkah is based on the [cannabis] anointing oil’s one-day portion burning for seven. When I asked the group’s founder, Chacha VaVoom [scene name], what was the principle founding the group (?); she named patient access to cannabis, right from the start. 

Also in that first six months two events happened which made me curious and proud. The first made me curious because I saw an erotic French stage play featuring a woman’s fantasy in DTLA. The second was the decision not to put a body type restriction for 420nurse membership though the group labeled themselves ‘models’. They would not be just another ‘suicide girls’ who all smoked weed. This policy move added to the forward thinking group’s expansion to international status and scene longevity. 

Over the years I came to find out that all the models are themselves patients, with problems and ailments helped by cannabis in one form or another, with or without THC, especially since CBD came into the forefront. The branding company is a company by women for women and this aids personal self-esteem. That being said, the membership from the top down, are still subject to the same ‘old school’ chauvinistic attitudes, as any who suffer to have an independent opinion or current viewpoint. Current here means the attitude in today’s youth marketplace, both towards gender treatment and marijuana acceptance.

Recently the news that a marriage was happening among a certain pair, Chacha and Summer. No surprise there, since they are the President and Vice, the right hand and left hand for the organization, but it was the addition of Jimmy, the third member of their triad and their lifestyle, polyamory, that set this reporter’s nose a ’twitching like I was Samantha.

As ‘the man on the inside’ and friend to all three parties in the upcoming nuptials, Blessings to all three, especially Jimmy, the luckiest man I know. Congratulations and the Best to Your Continued Future, PT.

PT Rothschild

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