What trump could mean for Marijuana

What trump could mean for Marijuana

It’s no secret some big changes were made on election day, and that even bigger changes are ahead. Donald trump’s victory shocked millions along with the legalization of Marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use in many states around the nation. As a result of those ballot initiatives, most states now recognize marijuana as a medicine, and one in five Americans lives in a state that has decided to tolerate cannabis consumption without a doctor’s note.

During his campaign Trump said he supports medical marijuana and aside from that, the most interesting comment that Trump made about his position was that “in some ways, I think legalization is good.” It will be interesting, over the course of the campaign, to hear Trump elaborate on this comment.

As news spreads that President-elect Donald Trump has picked Senator Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alabama, for the role of attorney general of the United States, the state-legal cannabis industry is worried about Sessions’ anti-marijuana reputation.


“We need grown ups in Washington to say, ‘Marijuana is not the kind of thing to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, and that it’s a real danger,'” said Sessions.

“One of our President’s great failures, it is obvious to me, is his lax treatment and comments around marijuana,” said Sessions.

Sessions said that “good people don’t smoke marijuana”

“It is false that marijuana use doesn’t lead people to more drug use,” Sessions argued

He claims the future will be characterized by broken families and Americans who are “psychologically impacted for the rest of their lives with marijuana,” said Sessions.


For those who may have missed it in the past, the real pickle here comes down to the fact that dozens of states are busy passing decriminalization or flat out legalization laws concerning marijuana, but it remains a Schedule I drug in the eyes of the DEA. Even in states where marijuana has been legal several years running, the marijuana economy still occupies a shadowy place in the law enforcement landscape.


Marijuana Policy Project spokesman Mason Tvert says even with a hostile attorney general, it’s not clear the Trump administration would seek to end regulated markets, as it would be a major political fight over an issue about which Trump has shown little enthusiasm.


“What he would be doing is having the federal government go into states, cut down local businesses and take away jobs from hundreds of thousands of people and cede control of marijuana to Mexican drug cartels,” Tvert says.


Any such interference by the DOJ would contradict Trump’s commitment to marijuana federalism.


What could this mean? How worried should the patients be? What does this mean for the average consumer?

Many questions are still in the air but the one thing we know is true more Americans (60% in fact) support pot than supported trump so if that support can stand for anything, time will tell. In the mean time, here at everything 420 we will stay smoking.



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