Yesterday the city of Perris shut down all their clinics in one day? Why? It could be the presence of AB266.

AB266 SOMJ mad men

This line of thinking is behind the crackdown as much of the clinic/delivery system order gets reshuffled again. When cannabis is legalized, you will have a certain number of police who will quit the force and turn to legal slinging. Having less people to contend with is another reason for eliminating as much competition beforehand as possible. In fact, according to people talked to at the Santa Monica pot conference, a limited amount of clinics is preferred by law enforcement so as to cut down their amount of supposed policing when studies show crime is less in areas of clinics.

Besides from police, city councils are mostly made up of people who don’t buy into anything not main stream especially pot, which has been counter-culture since the 60s. They view the counter-culture as that, counter productive rather than alternative-productive like organic, which used to be looked upon the same way before people became aware of what organic really means. No pesticides, no antibiotics, free range, etc. is what you see more and more with products identifying to organic, as you see more and more people get downwind to pot now.

420 and people we need to reach like these

When you get pass the people who are afraid of cannabis and clueless about hemp. You have the casual user from back in the day. To those people, pot is a passing fancy and there is no great significance to it beyond something that happens to exist as the least bad drug. There could be some adjacent benefits.

The next demo can be split into two groups. There are the people who had a ‘day job’ and something happened to them directly. After trying the usual treatments, they were somehow led to cannabis and found relief. Now they are applying their career to their newfound savior. The second group is usually a younger demo and these are the entrepreneurs or geeks. This demo is more appreciative of the inventive versatility of cannabis for new product development. Without the cumbersome burden of regulation, this market has been allowed to grow unfettered. The open playing field has led to a plethora of services, gadgets, products, and uses for cannabis that were undreamed of when Prop 215 was approved by the voters. This is the level of user participation and product friendly folks. A sign or underground symbol for pot is recognized and given the look of recognition by those still trapped in the ‘default world’ of participation.

420 and leading the way in tech savvy

The NGO groups start out the next level and go on to include people like Doctor Bearman who was hawking his two volume set about the conundrum of cannabis. The NGOs are pot advocacy groups that try and tackle the legal challenges pertaining to marijuana and medical marijuana with the government, sometimes on justice issues, sometimes on policy issues. While their motives are well-intended, their depth of perception seems to fall into the un-elect portion of this passage [Matt 24:24].

Next to last at the top of the stalk are the growers. Growers are a special breed because they are the closest to the plant. The people on this level are very spiritual. For a Republican, this would be the tree-hugger set. People on this plane know the earth is being mauled. Their growing cannabis is more than a revenue stream. At this level you find the aficionado and there is no bullshit.

420 and yoda with kermit

The final level is the Yoda stage of always learning and always knowing. This is the One Love Level. While you may possess traits and characteristics from one or several lower levels, it is the element of the esoteric, religious history, and the last level to float to this level. People like this roll deep. Ofttimes they look the part signalling their life’s journey to or with cannabis.

Swami Chaitanya

On the esoteric side you can have a group who just springs into life, like the 420Nurses who came into being on Halloween night, 2009, in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

420 and global marijuana march 2015 with nursesAbove the top level is the level of The Imaginary, home to Divine Intervention, the Mother of cannabis, or for Christians, Gen 1:29-30, also Gen 1:11. This is the arena where courses of Destiny are set. Though the causes of food labeling, forced vaccinations, and nature-killing pesticides are critical to the human population, cannabis was bestowed upon Man. As we are finding out, if we are organic machines, then cannabis is our Pot WD 40. There is a symbiotic relation that exists above man that reacts in its own stead and in its own time. Will wonders never cease!


PT Rothschild

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