Cannabis can do wonders but it can’t reform bad habits that involve High Fructose Corn Syrup and what mainstream food can do.

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While the NEWS seeks to bring you relevant cannabis reports and events, being part of a model agency that promotes great products meant to expand the marijuana/cannabis market for patients, exclusion of other health topics such as food/GMOs and vaccinations would be short-sighted, especially for an Occupy Los Angeles activist alum and senior editor.

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Your bods are young, sexy, and still growing beautiful for the camera. The NEWS hopes to help you maximize the effects you garner from using cannabis as your source of medication and inspiration with nutritional info to accessorize your feel good efforts.

Here is what Coke [any carbonated HFCS is bad, Coke is Number 1] does to you and for you.

What coke does toyour body chart

PT Rothschild

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