Sadly another young person has died from a drug overdose accidently. Her name was Skye McCole Bartusiak. She died from a mixture of the combined toxic effects of pain medications and muscle relaxers including Vicodin, according to TMZ.com.

skye mccole bartusiak ADO accidental drug death

The Hollywood tell-all site featured this person because Bartusiak is the second member of The Patriot movie cast to lose their life to an accidental drug overdose – Heath Ledger, who portrayed the brother of McCole Bartusiak’s character in the film, died on 22 January, 2008.

As a senior editor of the NEWS.420Nurses, this doesn’t seem just sad, it pisses me off. This young woman wasn’t out partying or wasting her life, she was a patient; Bartusiak suffered from epileptic seizures as a baby and experienced an attack a week before her death.


As 420Nurses this is where you come in. On the clock you are repping for a cannabis related product and your audience is aware of the medicinal education about marijuana, but when you are off the model job, that’s when a 420Nurse really becomes a Nurse for 420.

420Nurses by virtue of being patients themselves are on-the-job trained consultants in varying fields surrounding the use of and by cannabis for different physical ills that affect those at large beyond our cannabis circle. The only distinction with the 420Nurses is they know medical marijuana works, it isn’t hear-say. 420Nurses are health education workers though not preachers.

Because of the ‘magic’ of cannabis, the people who need to be helped by your extensive first-hand wellness knowledge will present themselves to you. The 420Nurses brand will beacon them to you for the knowledge you, not some politician, not some clergy, not some doctor, knowledge that you alone can give that patient for consideration.

420 and bong hitting nurse

This you are qualified to do because you are a 420Nurse. Happy Hippocratic Oath!!

PT Rothschild

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