As I write this report for the NEWS, the world of cannabis is hot-boxing reality everywhere. Tuesday the county of Riverside Supervisors brought forth a bill to tax medical marijuana growers $10 plus the officer time for each instance a grower is caught providing a medicine crop as prescribed under Prop 215. The supervisors were clearly enthralled by the tax profits seen in Colorado but being career politicians too greedy and inexperienced to do anyone any good, especially MMJ patients.

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Along with states across the nation trying to grip the perceived wealth attached to our girl, Mary Jane, are the growing gaggle of “ganjapreneuers” springing up at pot events which take their place in the sun on every weekend. And the list is growing.

In the meantime, as the suits gather like vultures to drive away the ma & pa cannabis innovators in an effort to monopolize this new green gold rush, those tasked with improving the status of cannabis according to the cornerstone of their various organizational mantras seemed stalled in the headlights of legalization, since legalization means the end of their stated purpose and goal for being.

Frozen in time as if everyone is dabbed out, the scene has become a dance conducted by faeries with everyone spinning on their own teacup saucers as if all are being separated to their own direction of purpose. Back at the ranch, the people who would modify cannabis for their own evil gains still punch the clock at 9-5, M-F. So what does this have to do with the NEWS and your friendly neighborhood NEWS editor who can see all this organized chaos?

Magic exists for chaos. Magic is the energy that can bring order to chaos. Magic is the order of the day for the 420Nurses whose camaraderie is a spreading movement, as witnessed to on their blog site by new intern after new intern. How do I know this? Because the same magic that formed the organization Halloween Night in Hollywood was called into being by the late great Emperor author Jack Herer a few months before at the Purple Haze Fest of 2009 in San Bernardino. This magical force and awareness comes from cannabis and is the Spirit of Mary Jane, the daughter of Divine Intervention. So…

420 and keep calm Nurses
When you become aware of your divine magic and are ready to fight for MJ in Cali with ‘the law that Jack wrote’, the NEWS is waiting, for we are the Guardians of this Galaxy and our power orb buzzes at a 420 vibration. One Love.

PT Rothschild

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