“From treating glaucoma to generating tax revenue, marijuana legalization is going to help this country immensely,” reads the opening statement from WeedMaps, touting the ‘legalization anthem you’ve all been waiting for!’ – sez them.

‘Every vote counts and legalization starts with YOU!’ Sez WM founder and board member of NORML/MPP, Justin Hartfield.

‘We teamed up with NORML and Afroman to remake the cult-classic “Because I Got High” with a positive twist.’

And so starts the WeedMaps propaganda machine on behalf of big business, aka George Soros and our Monsanto Federal government, made righteous by the Supreme Court, the folks who speech to money and people-hood to corporate entities.

catholic Supreme court

Though WeedMaps has moved lock, stock, and vape pens to Denver, WeedMaps News, their online presence is located still in California, 41 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618, to be exact. Justin started WeedMaps there.

Now WeedMaps is tuning in to deceive the stoner market for legal votes come 2016. But we have one, maybe two, weapons naturally. The science types and the church types are deathly afraid of sexualness because it’s hard to kill something you love. By emphasizing on the non-sexual, non-compassionate, non-political, all extraneous side of life, the ‘Mary Jane’ side is ignored as a way to turn heads away from the truth. Check it for yourself here.

But it’s hard to turn away from perfection,

420 and bunsapopping with ChaCha

Or necessity.

seizure pic of girl horizontal b4 help from cannabis

Stay tuned as we expose those supposed MMJ friends as the carpetbaggers they really are, further illustrating the need to keep it real with the 420Nurses, the concept personification of Mother Earth’s cannabis Spirit.

420 and apron bare chest shot

From the KNOWING THE ENEMY series, presented as a public patient announcement[PPA]. Every vote counts and legalization education starts here.

PT Rothschild

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