The linchpin of WeedMaps Legalize Weed public campaign, Afroman, is in jeopardy after assaulting a woman onstage in Mississippi.

Afroman mug shot

Joseph Foreman whose stage name is Afroman, a laughing presence and photo op at this year’s recent Cannabis Cup whose song, ‘Because I Got High’ is being promoted by Justin Hartfield’s WeedMaps as a legalization rallying cry for 2016’s effort in California, may be out as a spokesperson after this misstep was videotaped a couple of days ago, then spread by those alien to both cannabis and hip hop.

Foreman, who was performing, didn’t see the woman mount the stage as he was playing a solo with his eyes closed. There was no stage security either, so when she brushed up against him, startled and already irritated by a southern-fried heckler, Afroman let off a right cross Tony Stark would have been proud of. The woman hit the drum riser and then, rubbing her chin, walked off the stage looking dazed. The concert was then shut down and Foreman was arrested and later released on $330 bail.

Foreman apologized on his Facebook and has said that he will seek anger management and counseling as a result of this misstep. We of the hip hop and music world in general, and those here in particular, wish Joseph Foreman, Afroman, our friend, a speedy resolution and all the best. This was just a train wreck, not a measure of character. Any lawyer will tell you, every coin has two sides.

420Nurses and Afroman

The bigger picture for political analysis is whether this incident has closed the door to having any person from that music genre represent the legal weed image to the mass public now, because it is those folks who will either make cannabis/hemp legal in 2016 or stall once again.

Remember, keep it here for all the best looking NEWS in and out of the medical marijuana maelstrom.

PT Rothschild

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