Today the State of Washington goes legit in being about to sell just-for-fun weed in a dazed and confused state via this NBC news report. In anticipation of this aspect, the NEWS asked about the question of legal regulation to noted delivery service owner, Eddy Hooper, who has been vocal at Las Vegas city council meetings.

420 and a puff of magic air

Stepping right into the interview, “Oh I went off on those fools. I asked them, ‘how are you going to make a rule about my health when you have no clue about my medicine? How are you going to make any rules about marijuana when you have never used it? By what right?’”

Eddy continued, “They think you can make rules like this was alcohol, but it’s not. How do you control something that anyone can grow in their closet? These states want to tax [cannabis] to death because they’re greedy but you can’t do that with pot. The first quarter tax revenue in Colorado shows the black market is thriving. ”

They recently gave out licenses for collectives (MMJ but pre-legit outlets) here in Vegas and they all went to millionaires. Everyone sees dollar signs and six months ago these same people would have had you arrested for smoking pot around them.”

It would seem as either you have the usual government ineptness when dealing with something unknown taking place (remember Al Gore hiring a ‘poor person’ as a technical advisor to poorness) or you have the carpetbaggers like NCIA bringing GMO ready laws for a pot species with 142 patents, the rush to ‘regulate’ what should be as common as air has most people as dazed as last year’s Denver Broncos. California with a myriad of pot options has the best chance of fair and knowable legislation with the less taxation and regulation. As of now, the future of legal cannabis remains as smoke filled thoughts for many.

PT Rothschild

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