For those unfamiliar with Nostradamus and the Orson Welles 80s documentary, The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, what has happened in Paris, France, is directly in tune with the televised show.

Make no mistake. War touches everyone sooner or later because it spreads. Without getting political, as there is plenty of that to go around, let’s look at this with anointed or eyes opened by cannabis.

Medical marijuana patients, not stoners, are the 21st Century Christians in that we use a secret sign [420], share a sacred ritual [‘two or three gathered together’], are persecuted because of our beliefs, have a stigma, are shunned, and thought of as odd. On top of that, the results achieved are nothing sort of miraculous and because of that, our way of survival, our way of life is sought to be ‘state-owned’ like the religion of Christianity was in the days of Constantine.

Pot plivaged politicians

But these aren’t the days of Constantine, and cannabis will not be franchised because it does not belong to Man, it is a nutriment for Man and operates in a way unknown for us technically so as to be of magic. This magic isn’t static like a wand or a gun, but more like a mom who seeks to be proactive rather than reactive. This ‘Mom-ness’ is the gentle soothe of awareness* you feel after you first medicate.

Even though as The Pope declared, this is World War III, a war that has been going on for some time, it is officially now a war because it was a Frenchman who told us of this in hopes the future knowledge would prevent the a tragedy which has now happened in his homeland. The long-dead French physician appears to be wrong that his attempt would work but correct on everything else as portrayed in the doc which has been now pulled from public domain [see link]. However, this fits in the chain of events listed [vaguely] in the Biblical end times.

If the group, 420nurses, is indeed the group indicated at the end of Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, given that cannabis is in the Bible and the group represents the real principle of ‘to heal the sick’ through actual hands-on and promotion, but that war affects everyone, what of the nurses as individuals?

Although millions smoke cannabis or use it to treat various ailments and maladies, others champion the plant’s benefits or look to profit from various industry innovations; most however, lack one core foundation – compassion. In the 420nurses this heart-felt empathy is expressed as One Love, a Rasta Creed based on cannabis with Jesus Christ as a Hebrew [dark-skinned].

Black Jesus in Fresco at David Gareja Monastery Georgia, Russia

A harmonic convergence, first through a business alliance then later in a position to develop the NEWS division launch, has been demonstrated by the 30 wonders and signs currently assigned to the Memoirs publication with the very first sign being the predicted social joining of the two disassociated demos [Temecula Calendar magazine market and a medical marijuana model business network]. This indicates that those now attached are protected by the forces which brought about the pairing through the commonality of thought, feeling, common sense, with belief in cannabis’ purpose being the synergy joint. [Pun intended]

That said, nothing sheds you from feeling the sadness at the people lost as the world spins out of control to fulfill some master destiny. Daily you read about the worst of humanity and the collateral damage from it, like the 6-year old autistic boy killed recently, but then you read of the outside factors, and there is the logic of being a bystander.

french mourners with sad dog

When you read of just a few of the various people killed Friday night in Paris, you read of the type of people the world needs, flowers of society. It would seem that their only sin was being in the wrong place at the wrong time to enjoy themselves. The people who did this come from places where other people have been killed who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, again to enjoy themselves usually at a wedding and back page news in the Washington Post. That media hypocrisy is spoken of in a poem gone viral in Paris.

One Love is the central concept of Jesus’ NT message over the love of money. One God is a plot point in the Old Testament narrative that drives the current world effect for control. That and prophecy, because everything that is happening has been written about in religious and secular works. Since cannabis was concealed in past writings let us hope MMJ people are also concealed from the coming judgments by that same One Love.

(*- Expanded in detailed theory, Ch. 20, Memoirs, available free, serialized, in the 420nurses blog archive under PT420)

PT Rothschild

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