The State of Marijuana conference that happened in Santa Monica provided a number of takeaways for the 420 nurses.

State of Marijuana conference

The first takeaway is the realization that there is no other business, organization, or motive-driven group out there like the 420nurses. When the 420nurses break onto the mainstream scene, heads will turn.

420 and name in the sand

Second, it is imperative that the 420nurses not only become registered to vote themselves, but also become an agent to the people they come in contact with to also register. The right to vote at this time has never been more important, especially if you work or plan to either have a career or business in this field. The enemy is at the gates.

Third, in the states approved for medical marijuana, a 420nurse presence needs to be optimized that is outside of the clinic/rap music pot culture. As the Ambassadors for Medical Marijuana, official or unofficial, the 420nurses need to own the designation, and the time is NOW. All this takes is the wearing of the gear beyond the official 420nurses events. This also doesn’t mean that you should booty shorts everywhere because that wouldn’t be appropriate, but some article of 420nurse gear should be available to identify or elicit questions about the 420nurses wherever and whenever you go out in public. The same applies for your boo. This is a group effort because it will take all of us working together to achieve this goal. The goal is main stream recognition. How can we expect to be taken as different from [non-med] stoners if we don’t stand out and up for ourselves.


We cannot expect any outside help except from Divine Intervention. DI will work with or without you, but working as part of the effort will reward you in ways you can’t imagine. As you read this right now, DI is taking place to catapult the 420nurses into view given the ongoing responses from the excellent article by Abbysis, Run To The Cure, from survivors due to Rick Simpson Oil. Four new comments have arrived in the last five days. While not an avalanche, it is a definite trickle.

The 420nurses attract and work with most of the cutting edge products to hit the market. Maintaining that edge and promoting that concept is the key to marketability in this emerging commercial, spiritual, and medical wave as 420nurses can chameleon from sexy to ‘mom you’ with the change of a dress.

420 and four nurses with green new zip up dress model

The wave of marijuana recognition and value is coming like a wave. There is no question of ‘if ‘or even ‘when’ anymore, it’s here. So step out proudly, hat in place, and get ready to surf into the legends of tomorrow, today! Your time has come to leave a legacy. Remember, you’re not just models, you’re patients. Who’s body is it anyway?

420 and stonie710 booty stretch back shot

PT Rothschild

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