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Evolution in the field of co2 cannabis extraction has paved the way to a plethora of refined products that have succeeded in meeting the basic demands of consumers while also addressing the strict regulatory criteria needed to safely distribute a cannabis product. Factors such as extract purity, potency, taste, and consistency are all important in determining the quality of a final product and many companies have spent countless hours researching and developing their craft in the pursuit of a more desirable extract. In California there is a small group of people that have invested heavily in high standards, pure products, effective hardware, and progressive thinking.

The W Vapes company has been in establishment since August 2015. Within a short time frame they have already formulated a product that is above the expectations of many consumers and regulatory standards. What makes their product additionally special is their meticulous efforts to preserve the natural compounds that reside within the plant itself.


We had the honor of speaking with the people behind W Vapes to understand how much work goes into producing such a carefully crafted cannabis product:

What first inspired the creation of W Vapes?

“It was a relationship based on enormous potential. We’re extremely thankful to have the talented people behind R.E.L.M extracts who are well known for their hard work and dedication to healing. With such an amazing extract, it simply became a matter pairing it with the proper hardware and bringing the product to a broader audience. We made our informal debut at Hempcons Dab Cup in 2015 and were fortunate enough to win best new product.”

What makes W Vapes different from other extract companies?

“W Vapes has invested heavily in research and development to create a product that is above and beyond the current industry standard. We start by repeatedly testing the various phases of production to ensure purity and consistent cannabinoid profiles using a combination of in-house safety screening and third party laboratories to ensure only the safest material. Our extraction consists of a multi step process that works to fully preserve terpene profiles found in the top-grade cannabis plants we process. We actively work to refine our extracts and adjust our formula as needed to help bring out the best in our strain-specific products.”


The W Vapes hardware system has gone through several evolutionary changes in order to develop a system that matches the quality of the extract. It starts with a stainless steel cartridge that uses a central pole to improve airflow and overall functionality. Instead of conventional plastic, the cartridge uses a glass casing that delivers only the most full-flavored vapor experience and is available in either 300mg or 500mg pre-fills. The batteries are available in either button or button-less models that work extremely well with the entire package and 350mg disposable e-cigs are available for those who prefer the convenience and simplicity.


To further provide quality assurance and satisfactory equipment, W Vapes continuously takes in feedback and actively works to provide customer service for those in need. To reduce the number of improperly discarded cartridges, W Vapes has also developed a recycling program in which they will take back any of their completed cartridges and batteries.

We would like to thank the people at W Vapes for taking the time time to speak with us and for taking such meticulous measures to ensure safety, purity, quality, and consistency. For more information on W Vapes you can visit there website at:


You can also visit them on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/W_Vapes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wvapes/



Photos taken by both: W Vapes and Matthew Lopez

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