‘Great news, we passed another hurdle today, successfully getting SB1381 voted out of the Judiciary Committee!!!!   5 of the 6 senators voted yes, a very strong showing of support!   Jackson, Lara, Monning, Leno and Corbett all voted yes, not sure if Vidak* was a no vote, abstained or wasn’t present.  I am certain our phone calls were a big part in this.

sb1381 - judiciary cmte photo 042214

It sounds like we will be going to the Senate Agriculture Committee next (probably 4/29), so we will need to make more phone calls. All of our efforts with Senator Lieu take even greater importance as he is one of the 5 members on this committee.   I suspect this will be a more difficult committee to get out of.

The good news is that Wolk is on this committee and she already voted yes when it came before her on the Health Committee.  I think Lieu is pretty certain to vote yes, especially if we keep requesting it.  The last 3 I do not know much about, look for an update here on the next steps as to when to call.’

(*- Meanwhile, we will be looking into that absentee/no-vote)

And now our second correspondent,

‘WooT!!  We made it out of Judiciary with a few miracles!

We went into the hearing thinking Lara would vote no or not at all…and he voted YES!  Miracle #2- We had a very vocal supporter in Hannahbeth Jackson who assured opposition that their fears were unfounded, that this was clearly about right to know, not lawsuits, that she wanted to know what was in the food her daughter is feeding her granddaughter.  Rock ON!!

Next Steps-

Although we are making one more plea to the AG committee to not be heard there, at this point it looks like we will have to be heard at the Ag Committee next.  And that hearing would probably be April 29 or 31…that’s right… NEXT week!  Our biggest hurdle and not much time to influence.

Thanks for all the calls and all you guys have done.  It’s noticed.

Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs

LabelGMOs California’s Grassroots · United States

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