Going to Vegas HempFest? Here’s an eatery so good [$$] you’re write home to tell your Mom. It’s the Strip View Café and this is the NEWS review.

Strip view cafe front side with outdoor patio

Traveling to the various hemp shows and expos, it’s nice to break away to find a truly delicious place to cure the inevitable munchies when they hit. It’s even better yet when the spot is away from the hubbub and outdoors where you can relax, maybe even vape a little at your sidewalk table. Don’t worry, the NEWS has you covered.

strip view cafe patio profile shot

Grand Opening earlier this year, the Strip View Café has just what you like but prepared in a scratch style that will have you wondering when you can get back to Las Vegas.

strip view cafe collage shot

The owner-chef has a trace of an eastern Europe accent and this is her 3rd restaurant in Nevada. Both these elements flavor dishes like Chicken noodle soup and the meatball sandwich, transporting you from Vegas to someplace exotic by the seashore. The prices [$3.95 bowl, but get the cup for a dollar more and yummy seconds; $7.95 meatball sub that looked like a cover shot and tasted even better] are just enough to leave you dreaming about the food, not the tab.

strip view cafe sandwich and scratch potato soup

Aside from the above mentioned items, the Strip View Cafe [702-471-7171] offers coffee, tea, and espresso [yeah, it’s like that]. Besides sandwiches both hot and cold, soups and salads, and a café style breakfast with bagels or muffins, breakfast savory pies are available including lamb curry. For just a ‘sweet’ to sashay with the stone, you can sip a scrumptious smoothie.

strip view cafe and sunrise smoothies

Check out the Strip View Café, and tell ‘em Fast Eddy* sent ya, this is still Vegas, Baby!

*- Owner, Wellness 702 – 702-427-0309 for quick delivery, quality product. Rec required, CA rec accepted, Ed

PT Rothschild

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