In a story posted then pulled from HuffPo yesterday, it was cited just how lovely Mary Jane was going to be to Vegas.

In a state currently making marijuana business licenses a high-roller option, except to district attorneys, Nevada touts itself ready to roll out pot like phony Elvises, weddings, and hangovers just as soon as it is legal in 2016.

The state that helped develop WMDs in it’s deserts now stands ready for more fireworks as it promises to add pot to the ‘Welcome To Nevada’ tourist attractions used to bring folks to the state for gambling.

Vegas strip view

The story which first goes into how much revenue is projected from Colorado legal pot sales versus which money has already come in, is projected as if it were an oil gusher of greenbacks. Made to sound very one-dimensional, legal pot is made to seem a slam-dunk, totally unlike the mystery the plant is to even those who are acquainted with it and the growing repertoire of product uses that spring up every day.

Gone is the wonder and the need for any research into avenues such as hash oil, dabs, skin creams, or medibles. It’s ‘damn the torpedoes, fire up the joints’ as the article writer envisioned guests smoking weed in their rooms, at the pool areas, anyplace, like having a martini. If you ever see the old classic film ‘Gold Fever’ with Humphrey Bogart, you can start to see the green gold fever over taking Nevada and the article.

Jack Herer once said to me that the discovery of ‘medical marijuana was the worst thing that ever happened to pot’, page 267, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green. At the time I was flabbergasted by the unexpected observation especially from the man who had pointed out some many uses in his The Emperor Wears No Clothes best seller.

Now as you watch fools rush in who a year ago despised the plant and thought anyone who smoked it was a slacker, it would be laughable if not so despicable since it concerns a plant gifted to man for his well being, not for his bankroll. The question now is, how will Divine Intervention, something many people, especially those who sell their souls for money, don’t believe it.

As Mike Tyson once so famously said, “They all got a plan until they get hit.”

PT Rothschild

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