VCC Brands: California Quality and Consistency

VCC Brands: California Quality and Consistency


Access to alternative methods of consuming cannabis are continuing to increase throughout the country and as legalization further takes hold the options available for edibles, topicals, and tinctures will also continue to increase in variety.

There are many different companies throughout the states, each with their own products, potencies, consistencies, and tastes, but when formulating products for the cannabis industry many challenges arise such as continuous potency and consistent cannabinoid profiles. This makes cannabis industry preparation a much more difficult task then conventional food and product development.

The Venice Cookie Company has been producing a variety of medicinal cannabis edibles since 2008.  Founded in California by a group of friends who began infusing locally produced olive oil with fine quality cannabis. From then on it has been an evolutionary process and what originally started out as the Venice Cookie Company has now grown significantly to become VCC Brands.

Even now they are still hard at work producing cannabis edibles to accommodate collectives and needy patients throughout the state. The dedication to consistency and choice of quality ingredients can only be exceeded by the hard work they do to provide such a wide variety of products.

Here is a list of just some of the many confections they have to offer:


The “Not So Virgin Olive Oil” is still as tried and true as they day it was first produced. Containing 400mg of THC and 25mg of CBD per 88ml bottle, this California grown olive oil is a perfect addition to any cannabis kitchen.



Cannabis Quencher:

A very popular beverage choice among patients. The Cannabis Quenchers come in a variety of flavors, each containing 75mg of THC per 16fl oz bottle.



Subtle Tea:

Available in green, chai, black, and pm formula. These Subtle Teas offer a delicious cup that is both soothing and relaxing. Each individual tea packet is infused with 40mg of THC.




VCC’s 4:20 Bars:

Available in a wide variety of flavors, each with its own tasty characteristics. The individual bars are infused with 180mg of THC and are also segmented into equal pieces to allow for proper and consistent edible dosing. The standard Milk Chocolate is a true classic offering a delicate velvety flavor that can only be achieved through the knowledge of the chocolatier arts. For those who need a little bit of extra crunch the 4:20 bar is also available in Milk Chocolate + Toffee or a special Milk Chocolate Hempcrunch which contains just the right amount of hempseeds within its pieces. In addition to being extremely tasty, hempseeds are also packed with an abundance of healthy nutrients.

-For people who prefer the more bittersweet taste of dark chocolate VCC Brands also offers a few tasty choices: Dark Chocolate with a hint lovely sea salt, dark chocolate with popping blackberry bits, and a special 2:1 CBD / THC infused dark chocolate.

We asked the people at VCC Brands about what inspires them to continue their work:

“We love nerding out on the latest research to make our products the best. From flavors to terpene profiles we have always been dedicated to great taste, healthy ingredients, and consistent cannabinoid content. We were one of the first edible-makers to consistently test our products for THC and state the number of milligrams on all of our packaging. In addition to that, we feel the work of an activist is never done. As members of this industry we can always work to both improve quality and help demystify the use of cannabis further. We want to educate, as well as help.”

We’d like to thank the people at VCC Brands for taking the time to chat with us and for dedicating their time and efforts to producing only the highest quality cannabis concoctions.

For more information on VCC Brands. You can visit there website at:

“We’d also like to hear from you: Questions, comments, suggestions, jokes, and inspirations, hit us up at:”



Photos by: Matthew Lopez.

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