Today we hear a lot about regulation, needed research, and a predicted explosion of technology, all from those in blind authority over medical marijuana who have no experience whatsoever in it’s field. Government regulation would be welcomed in a perfect world but as we all know, our world, our government, and this blind authority is led by ONLY one motive. This motive produces untruths but their spell is enchanting to those with no real background in esoteric or actual metaphysics.

In this vein, today’s product review is observational and hands-on by moi, as we look at one of the most technological advances in cannabis history – vaping. The following is not based on friendship, coop, or sponsored in any way. This review is unregulated and devoid from any government impurities or kickbacks, and of course comes free, with no fees, taxes, or agency capture.


Cannabis vape pens today have drastically been reduced in size and complexity from the time our review of ‘A Toy Smarter Than Mr. Peabody’ came out after Occupy Los Angeles was rolled up. At that time, the Arizer was the coolest gadget out, a marked improvement over the Volcano, which is still used today among old schooler gatherings. Between the Volcano and the Arizer came the midsize Vapir, a Pepsi bottle size rechargeable flower vape. Both the Arizer and the Vapir still function as my Plan B for vaping pot stems and work quite well in this function. The only drawback is cleaning the vape chamber and glass/hard plastic mouth piece or wand.

As the cannabis industry moves forward unencumbered by government fossils who have no clue or cannabis experience, so the vape field moves in kind for the medical marijuana patient market in providing the latest technological advances in convenience. Voila – today’s vape pen, which bears no resemblance to vape boxes used for tobacco/nicotine products.

The latest array of pen dispensers, which are no different in looks or size that a conventional ink pen marketed by Cross, are the epitome of ease, convenience, and stealth. Though marketed under various names like Bhang, W Vapes, and The Clear, the latest pens all come from China and are standardized in battery, thread connection, and charger features, a plus for patients. Only the price and guarantees may vary but personal research will an answer that question. While not identifying the brand name since several pens now come with a stylus touchscreen feature, I’ll just say mine from The State of Marijuana conference came with a handy dandy lanyard so it’s even cooler for a gadget guy.


Since today’s modern vape pens work like a cigarette draw, the only real diff between them is whether they burn regular, mid-grade, or ethyl. By that I mean, some pens use an oil and others use wax. So far, the dab pens I have been invited to try all used a button to turn on the ignition for vaping. Dab or shatter wax tends to be for those more hardcore than I; you know who you are, ladies, so my choice was always cannabis oil to vape.

However, after finally coming into the 21st Century medicating-wise, I decided vape pens are in and leaving a tell-tale cloud of weed smoke to mark the spot is a flashback to simpler times. Though I won’t and can’t leave the scent or taste of Mary Jane for good, this past two week trial period of vape medicating has made me a believer. Yet even this level has options in types of oil level. I might not be hardcore but I’m not a lightweight either, so for the first trial an oil was chosen for having 300mg of pure cannabis oil that was CO2 extracted. A natural additive was added to bring the total liquid volume to 550mg.

This oil was an Indica. The head change was smooth and satisfying, also very tasty. The cartridge which cost* less than an 8er, lasted about the same amount of medicating time, a week. In that time I did burn a tree or two in total, just as kind of a revisit to what I have known these last 50 or so years.

flexible vape image 2

When I returned to my fav local clinic in these parts for a cartridge reup, I asked the helpful* budtender several questions about the different brands of oil cartridges before she volunteered that she herself was a vaper. She told me of her experience which was similar to my vape oil trials. She said that she had seen better lasting power with shatter oil rather than cannabis oil.

The brand I selected for my second vaping trial was Auto Dabber, put out by Hitman Farms. I chose Hitman OG, an indica in a .5 gram cartridge. The cartridge box says this: 100% proprietary [secret] Shatter oil and food grade [no-GMO*] ingredients. This product … was produced without [blind authority] regulatory* oversight for health, safety, and efficacy [followed by a disclaimer about risks associated with consumption of this product]. Consult your physician* prior to use.

The cost of this product was only $10 more than the cannabis oil cartridge and as I take a rip from my cool gadget, that extra 10 bucks has added almost a week more to my normal regiment. The head change is a little crisper due to being shatter oil but less a head shot than from a wax vape pen. I vaguely remember a few of those from the events I have covered.

*- Guaranteed to change for the worse regarding medical patients.

PT Rothschild

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