Valentine’s Gifts for the Cannabis Lover

Valentine’s Gifts for the Cannabis Lover

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to plan something special for your someone special. Now the question becomes whether to go with the traditional chocolate and flowers or to go with something a bit more personal. This year, we say do both with a cannabis-themed assortment of Valentine’s Day goodies.


Perfect Valentine’s Day Flowers

We recommend choosing strains with specific flavors to compliment the day. Your bud tender might have a fun, loving strain name that will spark a conversation but Paris OG is always a delicacy to have and share with your favorite people.



Cannabis Sweets

This Valentine’s Day, there’s a boost in sales of pot chocolates, along with other cannabis products.  “Chocolates are big all year-round,” said Ata Gonzalez, CEO of GFarmaLabs in California, which makes cannabis-infused treats. “But through any holiday, you see the truffles sell a lot more. It’s a gifting item.”  You can choose from drinks, candies, lozenges, infused oils and, of course, chocolate. Once again, your bud tender will most likely suggest a perfect treat to share, GFarmaLabs offers delicious Liquid Gold Hearts with flavors like  Dark Chocolate Espresso, Milk Chocolate Almond, White chocolate Sour Gem, You can’t go wrong!

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect with your sweetie — away from kids, work and the distractions of life. This year, reinforce the bond between you and your Valentine with a cannabis-themed vacation and goodie bag. Your relationship may well be the better for it.

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