“This is a battle of good [not religion] versus evil. If they control one herb, they can control them all.” – PT Rothschild [about the ultimate goal from AUMA, the ‘adult use of marijuana’ from the Privateers by setting a precedent in law]. “True!” – Letitia Pepper Since this battle concerns everyone, registered voters or

This is a battle of good [not religion] versus evil. If they control one herb, they can control them all.” – PT Rothschild [about the ultimate goal from AUMA, the ‘adult use of marijuana’ from the Privateers by setting a precedent in law].

True!” – Letitia Pepper

Letitia Pepper arrested 2013
Since this battle concerns everyone, registered voters or not, this article is ways to fight evil if you don’t vote. If fact, you don’t even have to want to vote or believe your vote would count. Hopefully after you really know what this fight is about, you will want to disrupt the system, because if you medicate or smoke weed, dab, shatter, vape, juice, or chew, the Establishment has decided to control everything420. Or so they think.

The reason why it doesn’t matter if you are a voter or not is because this fight isn’t about money, or votes. It is about control and good vs evil. Money is a facilitator like air for birds and water for fish. This fight is for the control of the earth and the last resource left, plant life, which is so far unpatentable. The sacred boundary is about to be broken as the Establishment tries to take Nature the way the Europeans took the land from the Native Americans, through the court system and laws.

Advancing species cartoon

The Indians made one mistake – they trusted ‘the paleface’ who then gave them whiskey, a curse they still suffer from in tribes that have no casinos today.

First rule to know. The paleface wasn’t the white man in general, it was the man from the government, a bureaucrat. People, real people with souls and compassion come in all skin tones, all genders. Inside we all know that. For this fight, those of us who believe in One Love rather than ‘one god’ which is what this fight is all about, must stand and deliver. And it’s simple. Seek to disrupt.

If you are somewhere and see petition gatherers, especially for AUMA, mingle in the crowd. Tell people you have looked into this and it’s bogus. But do not be argumentative. You disrupt with persuasion. You regime change with arguments. When someone pushes back, ask them if they have really checked into it, beyond what the guy from Napster is telling people through ads. Ask people to read it for themselves, and be polite.

What’s in it for you? First, if you are reading this, then you medicate with cannabis, be it pot or flower, vape, dab, eat, juice, bake, or go shatterday night live with friends. All that will change by costing more or being completely eradicated – from you. For the Bill Gates, the George Soros, the California Cannabis Industry Association members and other NGOs, life will be better. They will enjoy the benefits, products, and services that you do now, because you won’t be around to.

Where will you be? They don’t care. For you see, all the readers here are considered the ‘black market’ by the profiteers and the politicians. The people who support the Establishment have little or no history with cannabis, and have no respect or regard for you other than pay your taxes, send your kids to die in a foreign land, salute the flag, and go away. Of course without cannabis, they don’t expect you to be around long so there’s no worries. Hard changes are coming.

Maybe like my friend ‘Winston’ in Memoirs [not a real name but a real person], you are saying, “But money and power have always won. The Summer of Love died. The suits bought MTV. The government killed JFK, MLK, and RFK. UFOs are real, yada, yada, yada.”

Cannabis friends, if you believe that there is a reason the human race is hard-wired for THC like some Cosmic WD-40, er, WD-420, left out the ‘2’; that a man was born, was killed, and brought back to like [historically] or another man [Thomas the Rhymer] left this realm in front of witnesses [historically], then believe what you read in Memoirs, Chapter 20 [available free to all members in the archive blog section under PT420, I think].

Pot plivaged politicians

Though they call it the Adult Marijuana Use Act or AUMA, because cannabis, the real name, is a plant and an herb, this heinous act seeks to be the precedent for patenting and licensing ALL plant life on earth as a commodity, subject to commerce. This control grab for wold domination is part of the total globalization being trotted out around the world. For all the arms of the kraken seeking to strangle the peoples of the world [Occupy LA mural], cannabis is the kraken’s head because cannabis is in the Bible and comes from somewhere off the planet, not from the earth.

An old fable explains it best. It is the story of Pandora and her box. Told not to open it, she is unable to resist from doing so within the forbidden time period, a flaw know to the ‘person’ who gave her the box. The whole thing was a set-up. The one thing that remained in the box was ‘Hope’.

Re-think cannabis laws

I think you and I both know what the ‘hope’ for the future of mankind is. Now we must fight, each of us patients in our own way, to stop this grab in our neighborhood, for our medicine. But take heart, this battle isn’t about winning, it is only about fighting. The ones who brought cannabis, the owners of the vineyard, as Jesus called them, are returning. For he said, “As in the days of Noah,” in distinguishing the chosen generation of Matt 24. An original Gnostic Bible found recently offers a fuller definition. The ‘last generation’ described is the Atomic generation. That would be people born in 1945 or later.

One Love – Remember, Spread The Buzz to Keep The Buzz – No AUMA, Ever!!

(Top photo – Letitia Pepper being arrested for cannabis activism, 2013)

PT Rothschild

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