It has been more lights and more acrobatics but the same mystery in two separate UFO sightings in Temecula, CA. In a story first reported by the Temecula Calendar on June 19th, strange flying orbs of glowing orange lights, both singularly and in groups, have been spotted in the central valley area of Temecula proper at approximately balloon height.

UFO over Temecula 6-18-14 shot 1

UFO is uppermost center bright dot 6-18-14

Commencing on Wednesday June 18th when a single and sometimes double UFOs were sighted by people from northeast to points southwest, whatever it was, it must have showed up on someone’s radar as a formation of 3 jets were scrambled from March to investigate. Outside of the witnesses and the Temecula Calendar, all news of the sightings seems as blocked in the media as the Marches on Monsanto.

UFOs in Ttown 6-25-14 shot 1

UFOs in Ttown 6-25-14 shot 3

UFOs in Ttown 6-25-14 shot 4

UFOs in Ttown 6-25-14 shot 6

All UFO pictures 6-25-14 except where noted

The question seems to be if the lights will return for a third Wednesday in a row, and if they do, is that some form of primitive training being applied as if we are Pavlov’s Dog? Was the second Wednesday wave of lights a retaliation to the 3 jet fly by? Was this an ‘I got my boys wit’ me’ Stewie kind of thing? Is the local Chamber of Commerce press that resourceful?

These and other questions hopefully will be answered to a degree as a new week starts and hump day approaches. An anxious valley watches the night skies in nervous anticipation.

PT Rothschild

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