It’s said that you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish. Wrong-o! Here’s how to tuna fish and get $25 cash back from the folks who always rejected Charley. It turns out that Charley wasn’t selected because he was not the best. Charley just weighed too much.

Starkist, the food processor that Charley helped push to national prominence with the catch phrase, “Sorry Charley, only the best tuna”, turned out to be selling underweight cans of non-Charley tuna, both in oil and in water, to folks for years.

The national brand, of course, denied any wrongdoing much like Dick Cheney, but agreed to offer past consumers a choice of either $25 in cash [check] or $50 in cans of tuna through a national claim offer available until November 2015.

Given that Starkist tried to de-bone you once, I’d say take the money as you never know what tuna they are going to serve up since Fukushima is still dumping radioactive waste into the ocean off Japan.

For your tuna claim go here, but only if you actually did purchase their brand. And don’t worry about Starkist losing money. This story was advertised as much as a utility rate increase hearing. Bon appetite, cha-ching.

PT Rothschild

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