One of the truer things about Donald Trump that has escaped the Estabs* clamp-down on anything positive is, Donald Trump has a moral center concerning vice sins closer to Mitt Romney, another teetotaler. The following meme explains why, until recently, pot smokers did not engage in being Kings of Wall Street.

420 and the truth you see about the system when high

The simple fact is, you can’t accumulate 4-10 billion dollars making and breaking deals by partying, doing recreational drugs [legal or illegal], or not being focused on your goal of succeeding monetarily. This single-minded goal of getting ahead by staying sober is being hinted as being a dangerous thing [WeedMaps].

The comparison is made concerning the three past Presidents, who did admit to trying pot [and other drugs], as being a bad thing. But what did those last 3 Top Dogs do for the pot smoker, the medical marijuana patient, or the decriminalization effort though they knew the truth. What have they done as of this writing?

trump calls out the war on jeb

“The Middle East refugee crisis can be traced back to Bush’s War” – Trump

Trump is an unknown, a blowhard who has backed up his promises, has common sense when it comes to seeing which way the wind is blowing, and a businessman from the Big Apple. He has done TV shows, rolled with the Big Dogs, and observed the world the same way as the rest of us outside the government bubble.

Hillary on the other hand, promises to do a better job, now that she knows the email rules, and to clean the slate, starting with an amendment to repeal Citizen’s United. Realistically this is a longer shot than you winning the lottery and an empty campaign promise to boot.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally Thursday, Feb. 18, 2016, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

(AP Photo/John Locher)

Although Hillary Clinton appears to have stopped 90% of Obama’s Geo-engineering since Donald Trump called out the Estabs* in politics over the issue, she has yet to again align herself with medical marijuana patients because she doesn’t need us this time around like back in 2008. Now Hillary has usurped all the 45 and older black vote along with the Estabs* of Wall Street.

The other reason Hillary isn’t courting medical marijuana patients this time is because the Marijuana Mafia fix appears in with the Democratic Party to monopolize all marijuana [and future herb] use through the unconstitutional MMRSA authority and the deceptive AUMA aka Prop 64. Already the Teamsters have gathered lobbyists in Sacramento for the privilege of transporting all marijuana goods, for their cut. The union isn’t looking to hire anyone new to the ranks either. So much for added California jobs.

AUMA under bus

As the DNC threw all the Bernie Sanders supporters under the bus by cheating the system and being more corrupt than even the Republican party, it seems being mean-spirited is not the same as being deceitful and evil. While not telling you who to vote for, here’s a look at someone you should not vote for and why.

Hillary and children

Hillary and George Soros

hillary and hitler

Hillary and black people past

Hillary in blackface with Bill as hickHillary and poor black people

hillary margaret sanger idol

hillary as Prince

hillary if you cant win cheathillary a real supporter

hillary and donut chloe-moretz

hillary fired

hillary merch button KFC special

Hillary above the law

hillary merch Tee if you can read this the bitch fell off

trump polls from HRC sidetrump spending less than HRC

Trump and Hillary

Bart no vote auma

(*- Establishments or Establishment types)

PT Rothschild

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