Well, it’s no secret to the one million plus views racked up on Tiktok and YouTube Sunday 12/15, the day Jimmy Silva married Chacha VaVoom and Summer Rain – Mr. + Mrs. + Mrs. – in a triad wedding ceremony, before friends, family, and also before the viewers on the two aforementioned internet channels.

But it wasn’t just the internet fans who were treated to this historic moment rolled into a wedding. Interviews given by 420Nurses President, Chacha VaVoom, who looked radiant. There is a special glow a fresh bride has, and this time that iridescence was multiplied by 2. Summer Rain, her actual name, is vice-President of the same brand/company.

The 420Nurses, all medical patients, just celebrated their ten year anniversary this past October 31th [that’s correct, folks], and it was in the third year of the company that both Chacha and Jimmy [already old friends and a couple] met Summer. They knew at once, ‘she’s the one.’ Indeed she is, for early on in my covering the 420Nurses, the slight mention of the name ‘Summer Rain’ brought forth the comment, “She’s the candy” from an old psychic friend of mine.

Candy is dandy, and so I met Summer’s birth mom, her aunt, and grandparents, who all knew from the start that Summer had the look. I once contacted the writer/director of the movie I was in [The Big Blind, a poker cult classic]. I told him that I had a project in mind and sent him a photo of Summer in a blond wig. His two-word reply came back quickly. “I’m in.”

Summer’s dad, who remarried, started a new family. Now Summer has younger brothers and a sister. They were all involved in the wedding. This mom who met baby Summer at one year old and raised her from there, wore a bright red dress, as if to match her eldest daughter’s hair. And this now a less known family fact. This mom also developed lupus, and now has a company that makes edibles and a salve for lupus sufferers. For a topical pain treatment for minor pain, it’s “Better than Ben-Gay.”

Speaking of dad-daughter dancers who glow when they dance, here we see that Chacha, whose real name is Vanessa, had that glow as she danced with her dad. Chacha had the largest cotillion of family and she spoke her vows bilingually so everyone there plus those watching wouldn’t miss out in being part of this unique marriage celebration.

There were two common themes to this day, and one was the love shared and felt toward the groom, Jimmy Silva, the luckiest man I know, as I have jokingly told him. In fact, all the men, including myself, were clueless about Jimmy’s intimate involvement with both brides at first. Being a photo editor, I spotted a picture in the historical research about the group and said to myself, “Yep” when I observed a two-shot of Jimmy and Chacha. I knew then Jimmy and Chacha were a couple.

The baldheaded guy with the sunglasses facing backwards in the pictures, is old friends with Jimmy from school days. Though I learned a lot of Jimmy’s background when I met him at the CBD dinners thrown by 420Nurses, LA Chapter, I brought him up to date on his old buddy by relying that Jimmy’s lifetime ailment of asthma had dropped like a bad habit when Jimmy stopped eating meat and went keto diet.

If this had been a wedding celebration held back in the days of yore, we guys would have held our swords up at an angle, making an arch for the happy newlyweds to promenade under. This is a sign of both respect and love to the champion of the day, the groom. But this is today, so we held our sparklers high in a mixed gender celebration to the happy triad, as they marched through the arch to the waiting stretch limo that would speed them to an after party [family] and then to a honeymoon.

Though a comedy, the movie Wedding Crashers, shows its serious side when Owen Wilson’s character explains to love interest, Claire, why people attend weddings. “They come because they want to believe they are in the presence of True Love.” When asked by Claire what is true love? Owen’s character answers, “True Love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.”

Unlike all the men, slow on the uptake, the women in both the Chacha and Summer families saw the writing on the wall. They beamed acceptance, and broadcast the love they saw; three people who care about each other past the carnal stage of the triad, to the rest of the wedding party present. We all rejoiced in the presence of this true love.

The other common theme was magic. Historically, magic is a realm where the majority is feminine, and almost every wedding is magical in its own right. Having two brides reboot a lifestyle not seen here since Columbus ‘discovered’ the New World, then slaughtered 750,000 natives living a poly lifestyle in the Bahamas, aka paradise. As could be said, “What an icehole” – Johnny Dangerously

The pictures shown here just give you an overview from yours truly. To view the actual wedding, put in the YouTube search bar, #triadwedding

The beginning…

PT Rothschild

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