This is our call out for any organization, group, or individual able and ready to bring suit against the State of California and overturn MMRSA. This will restore Prop 215 back to its proper place and structure. The Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act is as unconstitutional as was the former attempt by the state to dismantle Prop 215 a few years back. The same argument can be used against MMRSA to defeat this latest blatant attempt to capitalize off a person’s afflictions. Now is the time to fight forward, not fight back as is the usual.

This is a call out to all those involved in the fight or those who want to make a name for themselves as an activist, or activist organization ‘start-up’. In fact, it should be clear to every patient or pretend patient that the past leadership in all the ‘pro-cannabis’ groups is either compromised, burnt-out, lackluster, or whatever, with the exceptions which now stand out as true patient support. The bottom line is that none of these ‘pot’ groups have delivered past their own sustainability of living off the cause, done in the name of living for the cause. Those carpetbaggers who want to ‘change the cannabis image’ to benefit themselves are the worst fluffers.

This is also a call out to the youth readers here, their product brands and tie-ins. Modern society has made you ill. The chem trails, the GMO foods, gyphosate, Fukushima, fluoridation, just to name the things beyond vaccines caused autism; all the effects from these things can be detoxed by the ingesting of cannabis in varied formats. Even President Trump and AG Jeff Sessions have seen the light or been personally touched by ‘modern science’ and the benefits.

The other difference from the suit pot groups is that both Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump believe in God and are professed Christians. And that’s the unspoken or written point concerning all this. As senior editor here, my beat is the cannabis scene. I get to cover it as a journalist, not a partyer. At the heart of this present time, cannabis isn’t about money, per se, it is about who will control something from God, the people who believe in God or those who don’t believe in God.

I’ve hit the Cups, the Fests, and the Expos. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and at the heart of this fight over a plant, is a belief in a higher power versus a belief that money is all that there is to life. This is a belief that says those who have it should be allowed to make more from the sick. You see, these people were themselves saved from Big Pharma so they know the good of cannabis, but they are wolves in sheep clothing looking for control.

So here’s how you get legit, and we’re not talking brain science or rocket surgery. A class action suit is best, but you need a para-legal to research the challenges to Prop 215 and outline the arguments used in the set precedent. Next, MMRSA is actually three laws rolled into one, so each act must be challenged by an argument resulting in MMRSA being unconstitutional by past precedent. The first move is to bring suit against the state.

Remember, Bernie Sanders was right when he said the President is only one person. We the People, the Christian people who believe in the power of cannabis and the Liberty to have that availability as something granted by God [Gen 1:11, 29, 30; Ps. 104:14], are the ones to fight this battle. We need to stand with our President as patients and as people who believe that cannabis belongs to the People, not the selfish. So this is a call-out – shit or get off the pot [pun intended] band wagon.

That said, should any group or amount of individuals want to use this comment section as a base of operations, chats, etc. rather than for an ad, please do. Onward Cannabis Soldiers, for Everything 420.

PT Rothschild

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