While the NEWS builds an in-house staff of sharp-eyed patient-reporter Author with GMO fighter at signingwriters, some of the news that comes in now, comes from special correspondents. These correspondents are not MMJ patients or even marijuana smokers.

You see, there are 3 types of general audiences. There are those who think they know, there are those who do know, and there are those who don’t know. The ones we actually fight against are those who discount all three groups as useless, and we belong to the second group.

The group who discounts, discounts us all as stupid, and having no memory beyond fun. But those folks are wrong because those who know are made up of folks who know weed is right, whether they puff or have ever puffed. The following video comes from a person who has never puffed but she knows what is right.

[vimeo id=”8277018″ width=”633″ height=”340″]

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