The wholly owned subsidiary of Monsanto, the United States System, in cooperation with the central bank presents Arctic Apples, green on the outside, alien protein on the inside.

GMO apple by Canadian company Okanagan

Arctic Apple [GMO]

Here’s the back story. Thousands of people across the country were protesting the release of these test tube apples, engineered not to turn brown so as to always look fresh for sale. Thousands wrote in and the government comment period was extended – publicly.

GMO Dana Point group with John in front

Privately, the contempt showed the American people and voiced openly in this HuffPost report, meant the government’s FDA released the apples anyway. While thousands of moms were holding signs about GMO apples and other products, millions more, high income and low, were purchasing GMO apples unawares, coast-to-coast.

farmed and dangerous chipotle logo

The story broke about the time Chipotle was releasing their video statement on industry farming and the involvement in artificial genetics here as those in the label GMO camps planned another protest at the heart of Rich-ville where the GMA was putting on The Ritz.

Dana Point Orange County Pictures 184

In the interest of keeping our readers informed about the things that are bad for you – [since we all know what is great for us, wink, wink] – besides High Fructose Corn Syrup [muffin tops, grandma tummies], we present what to look for in the absence of a label when shopping for apples at any store, i.e. Albertsons, Ralphs, Vons, etc., effective immediately!!

ISIS us opinion at IA state fair, Des Moines women(1)

The GMO Artic Apple made from Canada will have a produce label identical to the ones grown outdoors from natural seeds on a farm. This label is round but it lists the brand style. This is your best clue. Avoid the styles Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.

gmo apples for halloween

GMO Apples For Dummies – don’t pick the green ones.

GMO Apple from Albertsons 2014 lot 4017


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