There’s Something About Mary’s Medicinals

There’s Something About Mary’s Medicinals

Launched at the Cannabis cup in Denver 4/20/2013. Mary’s Medicinals is a company that is truly trying something different and proving to be a welcome addition to the cannabis industry. Founded on the demand for a more medicinally related delivery system, Mary’s has decided to introduce a line of products that are not consumed the normal manner such as smoking or vaping.

One such product is the standard capsule. Simple and effective, these capsules are available in either CBD or CBN based medicine. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive compound found within the cannabis plant. It has proven to show amazing anti-inflammatory properties not only on its own but in combination with THC. The psychoactive effects of THC can also be potentially balanced out with the introduction of higher CBD levels into the body.

The other compound is CBN (Cannabinol). A compound produced from the degradation of THC, it is another healing compound that is often more sedative and can be used to treat conditions that require the heavier relaxation. New knowledge and tests will start to lead the way as we uncover more amazing things about these compounds.

 Mary’s also has a topical cream that can be applied to relieve the soreness of aching muscles using a special formula designed to penetrate the skin.  However seeing a greater need for smoke-less products. Mary’s Medicinals worked hard to develop their tried and true flagship product. A patch that is designed to slowly release the desired compounds via transdermal method. Rather then working in the same manner as a topical, transdermal medicines travel through the skin directly into the bloodstream, giving a more full-bodied effect. This amazing property is especially helpful for patients who do not wish to smoke and for patients who are sensitive to conventional edible preparations.

“Professional nurses and caregivers are familiar with the use of patches in a traditional medical setting. As cannabis becomes normalized, we see it being used in the same environment as opposed to the use of smoking, vaping, or edibles.”   

This has also translated well into their product designed to go hand in hand with the transdermal patch. These medicated gel-pens are also applied to the skin for rapid relief.  Both pens and patches are available in a variety of different mixtures ranging from THC, CBD, 1:1 ratio of both, and even CBN and THC-A.


80% of the products we produce are non-psychoactive and so having the option available to our patients has been very helpful. We do have THC products available, but for us it’s about delivering the proper cannabinoids to fit the needs of the individual.” 

Which brings us to the next product. For patients who are new to the cannabis experience and understanding the importance of proper dosing, particularly when it comes to the use of edibles and concentrates, there is Mary’s Rescue Tonic. This product is a therapeutic blend of ingredients designed to combat the uncomfortable feelings that may be associated from overmedicating with cannabis.

The demand for Mary’s line of products has soared in these few short years. From their startup in Colorado they have quickly expanded their cannabis line to accommodate both the Washington and California states with many more to come along as legalization takes hold. However the need to help patients is one that has facilitated the development of Mary’s Nutricuticals. This line of products contains CBD plants grown in full compliance with Colorado Department of Agriculture and the (pending) Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015. Elite CBD is available in various forms including gels, topical, and even a cooling gel.

“We went through numerous CBD rich plants in search of only the best ones to fit our criteria. We eventually found an all organic family farm that produces only the finest quality CBD rich medicine that is fully compliant with current standards.”

One of the biggest driving forces behind Mary’s is the shear number of positive reviews and feedbacks that inspire them to create only the finest quality cannabis products. Testimonials of people who have returned to a better quality of life continue to drive them forward, bringing more access to needy people and helping to foster cannabis into the light as a true medicine rather then a last resort.

“Improving education and access. That’s’ what its all about”

We would like to thank Mary’s Medicinal products for all of their time, efforts, hard work, and dedication to the development of real cannabis medicine. For more information on Mary’s products you can visit their sight at:

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