The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates

The Solution from Connoisseur Concentrates

Connoisseur Concentrates has been developing products for the cannabis industry since early 2014. Their recognized product- The Mr. Extractor- is a hyper passive closed loop system built to provide effective and efficient extraction without the need for excessive equipment. Their second product- The Solution – Has been providing vape  connoisseurs with an effective alternative to conventional PG and other ingredients. Their original article can be viewed here:

Mr. Extractor and The Solution

Since our last article they have been hard at work bringing new ideas and methodologies to an industry that continues to walk towards higher standards.

How have things been since the last time we spoke?

“Our Mr. Extractors have made their way to new homes and have been continuing to produce the purest extracts for patients and consumers to enjoy with the use of it’s ultra passive extraction protocols. Additionally we have been hard at work developing more flavors to add to The Solution line. We began with a list of desired flavors and have since doubled the number of blends we have available. We’ve expanded in all three versions of The Solution and we will continue to add more as the demand steadily rises.”

For those who are still unfamiliar: The Solution is a line of organic terpene blends developed to work as alternatives to the conventional PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) which is commonly found in vape pen cartridges. These ingredients are typically used help produce a smoother flow within the cartridge and also aid in the production of puffy vape clouds, however these products often require a large quantity to achieve the desired viscosity which also leads to severely reduced potencies and an often bland aftertaste. To alleviate this, The Solution makes use of carefully formulated terpene blends and GRAS approved ingredients that both accentuate the vapor and help the extract maintain the desired liquid consistency while simultaneously utilizing smaller amounts to achieve the desired results. For crumbles and oils, the equivalent of .2 or .3 grams of The Solution is needed while more solid shatters often require a little bit more. Small amounts of heat can be applied to speed up the blending process however it is not always necessary.

For those who are interested in trying The Solution, there are three different flavor lines to consider:

The Original Solution contains a complex blend of terpene formulations designed to replicate the flavor profiles and subtleties that reside within various strain specific profiles, with options such as Sour Diesel, Skywalker, and Cheese, The Original Solution line utilizes zero PG, VG, or PEG of any kind.

The Flavored Line contains more of the conventional flavors that traditional vape enthusiasts have grown to know and love, this consists of options such as Bubblegum, Vanilla Latte, and even Absinthe. The Flavored Solution line makes use of carefully formulated blends and ingredients that are already in use throughout the vape and e-cig industry.

For those who are interested in utilizing only the most pure and natural of ingredients The Solution offers several options that make use of zero PG, VG, PEG, or synthetic flavorings of any kind. Instead, these blends are derived from the various botanical sources they are named after such as Grapefruit, Lime, and Tangerine. Although slightly more subtle in flavoring, these natural terpene blends offer the perfect balance of aromatics and flavor.

There has been debate over the use (and differences) of various terpenes and the original source materials in which they are derived from. Many have confused terpenes derived from fruits and botanicals as synthetic products while only labeling natural derived terpenes as being pulled from the cannabis plant itself- this is incorrect – although these terpenes are indeed not derived from the cannabis plant, (which is currently an expensive product that produces small quantities) the terpenes used in The Solution are indeed derived from natural based sources and have been carefully formulated to produce both effective and desirable results.

“The Solution is not meat to serve as a replacement or alternative to cannabis derived terpenes. These products contain their own value and offer many vital benefits for both the industry and patients. We created the solution as a means of formulating flavor and reducing the need for debatable products such as propylene glycol.”

Do you have any plans for the upcoming future?

“We are currently working on a project that will completely revolutionize the production of cannabis extracts. While the Mr. Extractor is an amazingly simple and efficient device- it was designed for a bigger purpose- a purpose only the minds at Connoisseur Concentrates conceived possible. These events; already in completion will change the landscape of the cannabis industry forever. It has been a long journey and we are very quickly coming to release time. We are beyond excited for the upcoming day that everything changes.”

We’d like to say thank you to Connoisseur Concentrates for speaking with us about their revolutionary products. For more information on the Mr. Extractor, the Solution, or any of their upcoming projects you can visit their website at


Photos provided by: Connoisseur Concentrates.


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