The Oregon Health Authority released draft rules late Wednesday for medical-pot dispensaries to follow when they open as early as next week under a new law. Although medical marijuana will be available at the dispensaries, the agency wants to ban sweets containing the drug because they could be attractive to young people.

“It just stinks,” said Gary Stevenson of Portland. Stevenson, who has cancer, said he prefers to take the marijuana in food because it’s more potent and longer-lasting. As a member of the group Oreginfused Kitchen, he also makes and distributes the types of pot-infused foods that would be banned at dispensaries.

He said he doesn’t want to go underground. “I’m striving for legitimacy,” Stevenson said.

Tom Burns, director of pharmacy programs at the health agency, said the rules were written under the “strictest interpretation” of the new law and “as broadly as we could.”

Burns said the rules could change in the next few days. He’s taking public feedback on them — and a lot of it — but “I’m not sure what I’m going to do.”

He said he needs to get the rules in place for dispensary owners as soon as possible because the agency is already in the process of issuing dispensary licenses.

The regulations are designed to implement the bill SB 1531, which the Legislature passed earlier this month and Gov. John Kitzhaber signed into law on Wednesday. The law allows local governments to block medical marijuana stores in their communities until May 2015. It also lets the health agency set rules requiring child-safe packaging and prohibiting products that it determines could be appealing to children. There are no rules of any kind concerning GMO pot but follow the link above and see for yourself.

The question from the NEWS is, since you go to a doctor about commercial prescription drugs, why do you need a non-pot smoking lawyer or bureaucrat to tell medical patients what they can do with their meds when the law makers obviously don’t have a clue? When did we go from citizens to being only consumers and sick consumers at that?

420 and doctor soros has your medsJust wondering. By the way, this story has already been scrubbed from the public site it was presented on.


PT Rothschild

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