The Pot Fair

The Pot Fair

For those who’ve never been, the High Times Cannabis Cup is a pot fair with no rides. even the 420nurses are just a part. So let’s tour.

Come early as a vendor because the access in is a bottleneck. Once inside, the people are friendly and the arena becomes like any trade show or consumer fair.

There were 280 booths/vendors in the medication area alone. This was the main section that was outdoors. The majority of the 100K attendees was here along with a stage. Entry here called for a valid state/Cali rec. From the look of the vendors, my guess is they also have theirs.

Inside the Citrus Building there were another 36 ‘non-profits’ aka NGOs, industry, and media groups. This was the area for the political medical patient. It is in this building that the seminars were held along with the official High Times voting in various categories.

cannabis cup woman looks at weed entries

The avenue of working a booth as a 420nurse is a great opportunity for any young woman who has dreamed of such an adventure but wondered about the risk involved. The nurses look out for each other and have a good time promoting the brand doing it, like a girl scout of pot.

Here are some of my samples, remembering I was able to hit 10% of the available vendors:

Irish Jay – medicated peanut brittle & 27MG watermelon hard candy [orange colored]
Iris Gummies – [3] squares 8MG each, 24 MG total, orange, lemon and lime squares each pkg. Also dark chocolate mini bars, Sativa 30MG cannabinoid, organic cocoa, cane sugar.
Canna Candy Co – Salted Caramel, 20MG
Hashman Edibles – medicated Cheetos, 17.7 total wt with seal-able pkg
Honey Pot honey straw with .25 Indica and coconut oil*
DNG Medicated [Grape] Lemonade* with Alkaline water, raw cane sugar, RSO**

Tee shirts – Aunt Dolores, the everyday edibles; The Cannasseur provisions; Amercanex, American Cannabis Exchange, and Sacred Serum

Magazines and Journals – Cannabis Now, issue #13, a slick top drawer publication; Culture, Feb 2015 issue, the most recognized cannabis lifestyle mag on the stands; Green Leaf Magazine, Dec 2014 issue a new east coast mag started in Mass last year; 420Times, issue 64, LA’s homegrown magazine; Vegas Cannabis Magazine, Feb 2015 issue; Reggae Festival 20th edition guide 2014; How To Grow Bigger Buds, 2014 edition; Leading the Science of Cannabis, a science journal about cannabis and it’s makeup by Steep Hill Labs.

Surprise of the day – The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator, all natural enzymatic insecticide and fungicide

Prize of the day – coming review of the Cloud V Phantom Premium [flower] Green vape pen

[*- Seen at past MMJ events; **- Rick Simpson Oil. Photo credits – Featured Image, 420nurses; inner story picture, High Times.]

PT Rothschild

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