Those of you who have seen this picture may not realize that if you blowup the pink pen vape pen in the cleavage of the 420Nurse on the right, the text reads “Fuck Cancer”. I found this out just as I said to you, you must blow up the picture, for the young lady in the picture didn’t point that out to me or wear it for me especially. Besides her being a patient, her mom has lupus and is greatly helped by cannabis products, probably including pot. She was nineteen then.

Today, roughly four years later, the same young model nurse is a vice president and accomplished magazine article writer thanks to the pilot news program through the organization. Below is a picture of her from last Sunday’s Amber Rose SlutWalk in Los Angeles. She is now 23. Skiddoo!!

There is more to a book than looking at the cover. Join us here to see what lies beneath the industry’s medical manual on cancer the other ‘C’ word. With the environment causing 95% of all cancers [per the 2010 Obama Study] and the onslaught of GMO foods and drinks, the weather manipulation, EMR exposure, and Fukushima [the gift that keeps giving], chances are now 50% that you will contact cancer before you die.

Once again Ty and Charlene Bollinger have put together a range of resources to bring you the latest info and insight about cancer. For the next 3 days, via internet and for free, 40 doctors and various experts will bring their latest observations about the dreaded malady that has touched pretty much everyone. An additional plus is access to the very people you will be hearing from. The Bolingers run a class act and are setting the curve in the alt medico society for pursuing the real truth.

But we here at will be especially attentive to hear the latest revelations learned by the ‘outside world’ regarding cancer and cannabis. We feel that everything involves cannabis (420).

Paste the link below to register:

PT Rothschild

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