This Dana Point demonstration is shaping up to be a lulu. Since my last 420 and this is our momentreport here another national activist group has joined the fray. There to shine some light through signage, since the protest is in the daytime, is the San Diego chapter of the OLB, or the Overpass Light Brigade who posted this display photo.

Too apropos*? That would be a tough call since in the last 12 hours the Facebook event linkup site was hacked into, and it surely wasn’t Anonymous. But nothing is ever filed as a complaint when The Oily pull the same tricks they scream about in the newspapers and media. Case in point: Snowden vs. NSA.

snowman in front of capital in DCWho are The Oily? At the top of the pecking order this list could and probably includes my branch line of the Rothschilds but who are the other 500,000,000 folks. For this country, I would guess the saved number would be somewhere around 40,000,000, and that includes your local government, country and state, people including police and fire, and feds. And no one has said that 500,000,000 is the number they are going to start with. That number is the limit!

Long ago it was determined that the world would be better off if certain GMO and two Micheal Taylorsgroups and strains of people were eliminated or trimmed from the tree of mankind. In the era of eugenics, the people controlling technology have fallen prey to narcissism. The plan was to keep Mary Jane under the sheets until she could be genetically modified or GMO and sell that like cigarettes to a addicted population. Obama has freed up the banking system to clear the way for GMO pot to be legally sold on a national basis. The Colorado ‘experiment’ is proceeding because no one suspects the taxpayer funded government to be that underhanded. But as the GMO apples proved by not falling far from the FDA tree, that assumption can make an ass [of] u [&] me.

chem trails over murrieta 11- 5 - 09 005Spraying the skies, mutating the food, and now experimentation done through deception, no army can stand up to the empire so what is the answer? These are the days of Noah so if deception is achieved through false perception, then a deceptive perception is needed to refocus reality. In short, this is a job for Super Women.

420 and Lexi, Summer Rain, Tinker Toke Tink

That last remark may sound trivial but seriously, there is only one group pure in heart and hot in bod to catch the public awareness about GMO pot, and we all know who that is. This is your Jerry Maguire moment 420Nurses, the window to a world stage is opening at the Ritz, the GMA is poised to make GMO pot a sure thing, so from this patient,

420 and show me the money

(Sharp eyes have spotted the word ‘Nurses’ spelled in lights, a subtle call?)

PT Rothschild

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