The Marijuana Easter Bunny is here!

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Abra CA Dabs - Victorville California

Easter Bunny is here

Do you remember the easter bunny? This year it was not about the bright yellow clear concentrates, or the sticky icky green smelly herb. This year the 420nurses hosted the first Marijuana easter egg hunt at the AbraCADabs Festival in Victorville California.  The 420nurses hid eggs all over the venue where adult 420 patients looked around to find little surprises. The eggs were filled with Highasm edible lube, concentrates, weed fortune cookies, ILOVEBUD, herb, and other amazing products. It made you feel like a kid again the excitement of looking for those colorful bright eggs was something that highlighted this event.

At Abra CA Dabs there were a lot of new faces compared to some of the other sesh events which seem to be the same people. There was also free parking at the event which was great for our team. There were a lot of booths giving things out a lot of people left the event with bags full of fun cannabis related products.

This is event is was truly a pleasure to visit and there was great vibes all around I hope to go to there next event. I also recommend this event to people looking into dabbing as there were a lot of companies that did a wonderful job of explaining the different types of concentrates out in the market.

If you went to this event and would like to share your experience please comment below.

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