The Kushy Punch Heard Around Cali.

The Kushy Punch Heard Around Cali.

Improvements in the field of cannabis production and product formulation have given rise to an industry filled with diverse breakthroughs, concepts, and qualities that continue to evolve as the rapidly growing industry continues to progress. Among the many companies producing quality cannabis products that meet the utmost standards of purity and consistency there is one simple group in Southern California that has proven itself to be a major heavy hitter. Kushy Punch is an award-winning edible company that has been in establishment since early 2014. Their lineup consists of a gummy type group of edibles that deliver clean, effective, and consistent doses of desired cannabinoids packed within a tiny portion. Derived from safe, locally-grown cannabis and formulated with all-natural organic lemon extract, Kushy Punch continuously strives to produce an edible that is both potent and flavorful.

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The starting standard for Kushy Punch products is their 4x dose formula. Although small in size, these tiny gummies pack a major punch at 80mg of THC per edible and are available in either indica, sativa, or hybrid to accommodate the needs of the consumer. For those who prefer the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of cannabidiol, the gummy is also available in a CBD rich version which contains only 4mg of THC coupled with 60mg of CBD per edible.kushy punch cbd

For those who have a higher tolerance or are in need of the higher ratio of cannabinoids necessary for healing, Kushy Punch also produces a heavyweight contender with their TKO (Technical Knock Out) edible. Instead of the regular 80mg of THC, these tiny titans carry a whopping 200mg of total THC per edible: equaling a total 10x dose since all Kushy Punch edibles can be portioned into smaller pieces to ensure proper and consistent cannabinoid consumption.

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“We take pride in using only the best quality ingredients and methods to ensure a top-notch product.”

UPDATE: As of now the standard Kushy Punch 4x edibles contain 100mg of THC instead of the original 80mg

We’d like to thank the people at Kushy Punch for taking the time to inform us about their award-winning edible line. For more information on Kushy Punch products, you can visit their website at:

You can also visit them on various social media:




Photos provided by: Kushy Punch Edibles.

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