At the center of Occupy LA was a mural, and at the center of the mural was a kraken. The following true story illustrates ‘the kraken’s joint’, a point where two causes overlap.

Benton Mackenzie died on Monday, January 12, 2015. Benton wasn’t afraid to die, as he revealed in multiple interviews with the Quad-City Times since he first shared his story in 2013.

Iowa man of cancer after cannabis denial

Benton Mackenzie was diagnosed in 2011 with angiosarcoma, a terminal cancer. He tried to bring up a defense at trial that he grew marijuana to treat his cancer with oil he derived from the plants. The court wouldn’t allow it because Iowa statute doesn’t recognize a medical necessity defense for growing marijuana, which is a Schedule I controlled substance.

His parents spent everything they had fighting Benton and Loretta Mackenzie’s prosecution till they couldn’t afford to move Benton to one of 23 states that allow medical marijuana.

His homemade oil was high in cannabidiol, or CBD, with just enough THC to make the ratio work. He says he used it solely to treat his cancer.

The oil he made was similar to what Iowa lawmakers approved for intractable epilepsy patients in 2014. Why other ailments weren’t included in the law, which for the first time recognizes marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance, as having medicinal value shows the narrow-mindedness of those who govern over their Christian populace.

Benton wouldn’t allow friends to ship him the oil for fear of arrest. The last time he had any oil was on a brief trip to Oregon in September.

When he was making the oil, he mixed it with other ingredients and ingested it as well as applied it directly to the tumors, a combination of treatments he claims caused the tumors to shrink and fall off. As an opportunity to study the direct effects of a possible treatment to help untold millions, the official law, a University just down the road, nor even a reality show for medical weed, none chose to document the cannabis treatment progress. It truly makes you wonder how many more people will have to die to prove a point. Like Agent Orange, only in reverse.

iowa man of cancer Jan 3, 2015

Benton Mackenzie never knew what caused his cancer because he was caught at the kraken’s joint. What is the kraken’s joint? What is the kraken?

The kraken pictured in the Occupy LA fountain mural represented ‘The Man’, the system, the elite, evil, and one company, Monsanto. This, in principle, is what has been burned on Saturday night at Burning Man since 1989. The arms of the kraken come out from being ‘joined’ to the evil body.

Long Grove, Iowa is still a quaint little small town as I last saw it back in 2013, and it was named ‘long grove’ for a reason. The area is one long pasture with a creek or two cutting through it and not much pass Main, Oak, 1ST, and city hall. Located just west of highway 61, a main state artery running north out of Davenport, the town is surrounded by pastures heavily sprayed by fertilizers and pesticides. The smell of these chemical compounds has become commonplace and accepted. On some days and evenings, this mixture hangs in the air like a light inland marine layer.

long grove, IowaHowever, as the President’s 2010 Commission declared, 95% of all cancers are caused by the environment we live in like fish in a bowl. A bagpipe player takes in an enormous amount of air into his lungs, and holds it. While fighting for the cause of medical marijuana, Benton Mackenzie was brought down by what those in the Label GMOs and March Against Monsanto causes know.

GMO Dana Point group with John in front

As we fight for our right with Mary Jane, let’s not forget that this cause represents only one arm of a kraken. GMO foods, pesticides which cause bee/butterfly colony collapse, and vaccines that dose autism to babies are just some of the non-political arms of the kraken. Political arms exist as well.

However, just ask Superman what color he feared most [until the writers ran out of ideas], what color we think of when mentioning money, and what color is universal for ‘Go’?

jackHerer, a hybrid of skunk, no lights and haze

It’s the color of grass, their kryptonite.

PT Rothschild

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