Though it is hard to refrain from sliding into the metaphysical realm in this ongoing series since this is a classic David and Goliath scenario as Monsanto is involved versus the rest of the world, in particular, the kids and our future generations, in the worldly realm the David here is a group known as the 420Nurses.

420 model lineup sticker shot 2

Instantly some cross-over readers will point out the obvious objectification factor to women, young, sensuous, and alluring women, in suggestive poses for the verdict. But this rush to decree is really judging a book by its cover. This is very easy to do when your eyes are met with candy that seems so sweet to your carnal senses.

420nurses activism Summer foregoundWhen dealing on the ‘bump in the night’ level of life, the old saying, ‘what looks good ta ya, ain’t always good fo’ ya’ is apt. On a real world level, look at the person the woman is, rather than the woman the person is. It is the ‘person’ or personality of this group that lines up metaphysically to deal with Monsanto and what they stand against, your health, your lifestyle, and no-GMO pot through Jack Herer’s CCHI initiative.

But wait, there’s more. Because of the uniqueness of the group make-up, the chemistry that generates the art visually, and the grounding principle millions against monsantoto fight GMO weed, thereby grafting themselves onto the fight for tomorrow against Monsanto, blowback has surfaced that smacks of grassroots elitism at best, and sexism/prejudice as seen toward the wan of Prop 37 tents were folded. And this is only Tuesday.

Thus the 420Nurses stand to replace the stigma fostered on ‘pretty women models’, on stoners, and on MMJ patients in particular, by joining the beach demonstration in Dana Point on Saturday. An All Points Casting Call will be issued (barring any tech difficulties) shortly after this post appears with apropos links.

420 and happy front dab shot of mermaid queenStay tuned as we find out if the 420Nurses, the ONLY NO-GMO POT [CCHI] group whose brains match their common sense [gotcha’, thought I was going to say ‘beauty’ didn’t you] will join the all-out beach demo this weekend in Dana Point, CA when food and health experts against GMOs meet against the GMA, the lobby group powerful enough to meet at the ritzy Ritz Carlton to discuss how to outlaw GMO laws before they are written.

The NEWS will be there to cover this major southern California event.

Be here for the food fight of your life and stomach, in the meantime, don’t buy these brands or let your families buy them either. It’s your health – Occupy it!

companies against Prop 37

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