Shaping up for the summer’s super fun movie, the latest film from the Marvel Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy, opens 8-1-2014.

GofG poster

Early research yields these preliminary comparisons to another movie that became synonymous with summer outer space fun, Star Wars, A New Hope. GofG is an outer space western, but the characters are more homogenous in group theme than SW, which then were ‘chosen’ for their mystical bloodline. Think here of The Usual Subjects meet Flash Gordon.

Gof G Imax cassette poster

Unlike the crew of the Firefly, who took themselves completely serious, GofG pushes past the SW camaraderie and takes it to a next level. Think Sgt. Fury’s Howling Commandoes meets The Three Muscateers.

Gof G Rocket Raccoon

Star Wars was a bolt out of the blue whereas GofG has been developing inside the current Marvel Universe and is the first ‘new’, as in not created during the Stan Lee days of authorship. This will be the first of those hero teams to be brought to the big screen.

Gof G anima poster

In keeping with today’s entertainment, we again get a talking animal, the ‘Laurel’ to the Star Lord ‘Hardy’ character on the GofG team.

Interestingly, this tough talking mammal is tongue in cheek named for a Beatles song in the catalogue not widely known outside fans. The name is no doubt homage to the music group. Other tidbits include writing both the film scenes and the film score [which was played for the actors as they filmed scenes/rehearsals] with the Imax 3D format in mind.

Unlike the vague but mystical force as a deep sub meaning, the existence of anything metaphysical at that level is left more to the identity of the ‘gem’ Star Lord, the lone earthman, attempts (?) to steal at the beginning of the film, when the series of films wraps into Avengers 3, a film that may harken to the summer All-Star Giant Comic Marvel team-up extravaganzas in the days of Ditko, Kirby, Heck, and Lee. Roll clip at link below for preview.

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