Today we in two worlds. One is the world of 420nurses and patients. The other, the default, is the world of the experts. Satan sends the experts.

The Bible tells us that the serpent who approached Eve was the most subtil, probably a root word for subtle. However, the Bible word means more than its English cousin. Subtil means having a plan, an evil plan you hatch. In today’s lingo we would say ‘diabolical’.

GMO the experts were wrong March May 24In the coming months, different groups and organizations will come forth in favor of legalization for taxes to benefit the usual suspects, schools [as was brilliantly made fun of by The Simpsons]. This is the political group of experts.

Other groups will tout taxing and treating cannabis/marijuana like alcohol, using the failed Prohibition as a pop culture reference. But Prohibition wasn’t about drinking alcohol, that was a smokescreen still believed today. Prohibition was about stopping alcohol research as a automotive fuel. When they repelled Prohibition everybody got so drunk that no one cared or remembered but Standard Oil laughed all the way to the bank with a kingdom that lasted in the 60s. This is the activist group of experts. My Granny called them ‘educated fools’.

Still another group will come out as wanting to regulate the medical side and maybe franchising the legal side. But all 3 systems are a rouse because they each authorize a separate board of experts to govern this new system that is one hundred years old now. Like the 5 ALL male panel that set gasoline taxes, this group will be hidden from public sight but big money and big interests will know them well. This is the government group of experts.

And there will be one last group of experts, the cannabis experts made up of intellectual stoners who were surprised by the passage of 215 and now want to make bank.

420 and cannabis enthusiastAll these experts will ignore any involvement or input from the patients and vendors because to them we are the black market. The larger ‘legal’ market is the goal and we are to be pushed aside or slandered for their sake. Like the carpetbaggers who came South after the war to suck up the reconstruction money, so to will new cannabis carpetbaggers descend. Some already have and we know who they are. But this ain’t The Inquirer. Let Divine Intervention fatten up the greedy for karma.

While all these groups seem to be in it for the money and power, it is control of the cannabis seed that is the master plan. How does the NEWS know this to be the case? Research shows that George Soros ponyied up the 5Millon that got Prop 215 up the hill when the usual stoner crew [God bless ’em] couldn’t AGAIN get the job done on their own.

GMO pot cartoon

For 2016 the table is set as all the players move in for the kill, while those not invited dab away using the smoke from the stone which will smash the image’s feet before spreading throughout the earth…[as it was intended to do from the beginning – Memoirs, see serialized Chapter 20, PT’s blogs, 420nurses blog archives].

PT Rothschild

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