Lately two worlds have come together in this fight for Mother Nature. Both are led by the feminine spirit, but one leg is divided into two, the hot and the cold, and both are divine, aka magical like the plant. One form of the magic is esoteric while the other is spiritual/Charismatic. They could be classed as hot and cold, and like water, both states are needed for the total picture of which state to use for the desired results.

Dr. Alana Sills, a PhD doctor, has credentials in both food science and metaphysics, and so the proper introduction should be Rev. Dr. Alana Sills. However, for Everything420 readers, in this article she will be referred to as The Cannabis Whisperer. By the end of this report we think you will agree with this designation.

The last article mentioned an upcoming interview. This is the summation of that 3.5 hour interview.

On Today’s expanding medical market beyond flower

“There is a current trend to separate cannabis down into its various CBDs and THCs to try and distill certain blends with exclusive only features to market. In my research involving rare disease case studies I found it best to use the full spectrum of cannabinoids instead of certain strains with a certain percentage. This includes results for both people and pets.”

On CBD dosage for seizure control

“Proper dosage runs one-half mg per lbs. of body weight, man, woman, child, animal, so mg/$ is key here. At wholesalers who deal with children, the costs per month should run about $300. This is with passive protocol [drops under the tongue] only.”

On future research

“There is much being uncovered, by a number of associates. New features are being discovered about THCA, THCV, and CBGs which affect inflammation in the gut. However what is frightening now is this Prop 64 to legalize marijuana. Cannabis is not marijuana and passage of this bill could throw all the present research back to the Stone Age. I’m just so afraid of that, especially for rare disease and cancer victims. I hear there is a section that outlaws all extracts and concentrates. That’s monstrous!

Shatter and wax

The farther down the chain on concentrates, the less beneficial medically overall. Since shatter is distilled from hash and wax produced using a solvent, I would say shatter over wax as the progression of CDB potency.”

On using a dag rig ring

After the ring is hot with a torch, you should wait 15 seconds before adding the wax [for the best results].”

On terpenes and toxicity

The cannabis plant is sacred in every respect. I really don’t see cannabis terpenes becoming toxic under any circumstances. I think the terpene would just be vaporized off and not become a carcinogen.”

On vape pens

Vape pens are 180 degrees or below” [oil type] and the varible voltage battery pen like Seego’s Vhit, which takes a dab glass top, the recommendation [WOTS, still being verified– Ed] is the 3.4 base dial setting is below or at 180.

On RSO or Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil works great on brain cancers and problems that happen in the central nervous system, the gonads, and the ovaries, above the waist. However, for problems below the waist, in the gut, RSO doesn’t work as well because of the way it’s made. In the gut a better use of cannabis is one with less THC and more CBD content. A 10%/10% THC to CBD ratio with a 5% CBG addition is best.”

PT Rothschild

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