The Bus Double Cup: Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The Bus Magazine is a cannabis and entertainment publication from Las Vegas. In January 2016, they held their first event- The Bus LA Cup- in the San Fernando Valley which brought about many of the local patients, vendors, and musicians. In June, they decided to keep the party going with The Bus Double Cup which began on the 16th at a Las Vegas mansion while the San Fernando Valley event would take place at its previous location on the 26th.

“We’ve been dealing with a number of regulative issues when it comes to cannabis events in the Las Vegas area.  We went through a ton of effort to ensure this was properly coordinated and safe event for patients to enjoy. We received a welcome return at our Van Nuys event which featured many of the same amazing groups that made the first one such a success. We’ll be putting together several additional events in the near future so we definitely hope that everyone gets a chance to check us out.”

We’d like to thank the people from The Bus Magazine for taking the time to chat with us and for putting together their series of events for patients to take part in. For more information on The Bus Magazine and any of their upcoming events, you can visit their website at:





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