The Bay Chronicles Ft Al Freshko

The Bay Chronicles Ft Al Freshko

     California as a whole has a rich history. The Bay in particular is one of the most historic areas in America. The essence, vibe and multi culture embraces that area. The past year while visiting this beautiful city I got to experience the whole vibe out there. From crossing the Golden Gate Bridge ; to eating at the Cha Cha Cha Restaurant

     California as a whole has a rich history. The Bay in particular is one of the most historic areas in America. The essence, vibe and multi culture embraces that area. The past year while visiting this beautiful city I got to experience the whole vibe out there. From crossing the Golden Gate Bridge ; to eating at the Cha Cha Cha Restaurant on historic Haight Street; to smoking a couple joints on Hippie Hill and also enjoying what Oakland has to offer. I follow a lot of Bay area people and I felt very privileged to have met Al Freshko.  He is the man behind the clothing company Freshkolife associated with Taylor Gang and cookiessf. Its an honor to have this interview with  Al Freshko, Bay areas own, a.k.a The Golden Child.  


  Living in California; how do you feel about prop 64 and what are your thoughts on that movement? Did you feel Cali lost some of its history this past election when it was approved? 

Prop 64 is just another excuse to write more laws. History will always be here for Cali and 64 just opened up the gate for outside money to tap in our culture. Local farms / farmers are going to either get with it or get lost or find a medium in between. As an artist and connoisseur I’ve chosen to be a part of both sides. It’s a balancing act man. 

How would you describe the vibe and culture in the Bay having lived there for awhile?

I describe it as a place of innovation and the best herb in the world…yes the world. San Francisco was named “Yerba Buena” before the Spanish Missions came. It means “Good Herb” in spanish. There’s a few important things that were invented in the Bay… Television, Google, Facebook-Instagram-Twitter, Apple-iphone, Star Wars, Gps, Levis, Electric car, and the list goes on. Oh and FRESHKO the ELEMONKEY !  

When you wake up in the morning and go into the City to start your day ,what is the one word that you would use to describe  The Bay?

Nice Pacific Ocean air…good weather…good people overall. Nice freeways. Lol

in one sentence or a few words, how would you  best describe yourself ?

I guess I’m a super chill happy kinda guy with a good sense of humor. I enjoy smoking and laughing with my homies. We try to laugh until it has us crying 😭.

 Living in Cali, the Cannabis industry has a major influence on the rest of the World. What’s your favorite strain and what’s the flavor that your’re feeling the most now?

I like the FKO OG the best but I also like many other flavors out there like Zkittlez…CherryPie…LemonNade…Gorilla Glue #4… Sour Tangie etc… there’s so many to list it would take up this whole interview.  lol

What was the inspiration for you to come out with freshkolife?

I came up with FRESHKO LIFE chillin in the lab one night blazin on some F1 Durban sprinkled with OG. The concept behind it means FRESH (K)nowledge (O)f …I put the word “LIFE” after FRESHKO because it means FRESH KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE… we all want to be good at something in life and gain wisdom whether it’s music…art…cars…skateboarding…bikes…hustlin…growing… etc. To put it short F K O. 

What does  ELEMONKEY  mean and represent?

It represents courage…wisdom…good luck…fortune.

I wanted the Elephant because it is wise strong and reliable… along with the Monkey also smart and wise they both represent the journey from the Western World back to the Eastern World gaining Knowledge & truth through their travel. I call their journey “Constant Elevation”. Together they are an unstoppable team. The symbol also represents us in our never ending quest for Truth & Knowledge. 

What spot in The Bay would you recommend for the munchies? And what on the menu would you recommend?

That’s the hardest question on here. There’s sooooo many. Just imagine all nationalities of the world…we have it all here.  We’ll have to do a separate interview on that.  Hahahahaha!  

In your opinion what makes North Cali cannabis different from anywhere else?

It’s known to grow the best here… the air and soil together with the Pacific Ocean created the best environment for it.

What is the frisco way and what makes the bay the way it is and different from anywhere else in the world?

Its a concentrated area full of free thinkers and creators.

If you were a strain or could make one; what would it be and called and what would be its attributes?

I would call it The Manila Thrilla…flavor would be like Lime, Lemon with a touch of Mango…more on the indica side…aka the “CALAMANSI”. My fellow pinoys would know what that is.  It’s basically our version of a lemon and lime that packs a punch of sourness and ultimately high on vitamin C. 

Do you prefer Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid?

I prefer Indica over sativa probably cause of my high tolerance. I like hybrids too. 

Do you have a quote or a saying that still till this day keeps you motivated?

There was a saying that my boy Jake Vogel would say every time I got to Embarcadero ..(a skate spot in the middle of San Francisco) where a lot of skateboard tricks & fashion styles were invented. He would say “What ever AL wants AL gets” … he would yell that so loud that the sound would echo between the tall buildings as I was approaching a block away. It was a saying that stuck because as a kid I would do anything to get what I wanted. Lots of people call it spoiled but I always worked for mine. 

Any shootouts or big up you want to give and how can people reach you on social media?

Big up to the Creator & my Angels that watch over me and my family 24-7 I love you! ✨🙏✨

My wife and kids…I do it cause of you…daddy loves you!

Shout out to all the people who supported our movement from the beginning. FRESHKO…COOKIES…TAYLOR GANG

Shout out to Berner, Wiz & the Gang for fuccin wit ya boy! 

IG :  @alfreshko @freshkolife 

Twitter: @alfreshko415 

And shout out to Rey who wrote this interview. Appreciate you!  Blessings fam!✨

And that was the great Al Freshko.  A Man who has California imprinted on him and will continue to let the World be his oyster. All I have to say is this; go to the bay and experience the beautiful area for yourself. It is a wonderful place filled with amazing people. I want to  thank Al Freshko. Much respect to The Bay and hopefully I can get more of the Bay areas finest for The Bay Chronicles. Peace love and Cannabis.


www. FRESHKOLIFE.comthe-bay

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