The Dream of America is Green

While the story title and the graphic art pictured here say the same words, the meaning between the two is miles, and wallets apart.

I just finished reading a weedmaps price listing for a random new clinic in Denver, CO, a place where many smoking patients, both medical and non-medical are flocking for ‘legal weed’.

For years, years, I have listened to leaders in the medical movement, and I could name them for they all know me and I them, promote legalization ‘because the price of pot will go down if the government gets involved. It’ll be legal.”

Let me show you what legality and government bring to the table.

In medical marijuana dispensaries, grams cost an average of approximately $8-10 and $40-45 per 1/8. Thanks to various excise taxes on non-medical recreational use, that number is expected to climb to approximately $15 a gram and $60 an 1/8 on the recreational side. The average cost of a pound of cannabis is also expected to rise from around $2,000 to as much as $4,000.
See for more information.

But there will be jobs created to help the unemployment problem.

To work in licensed marijuana facilities (like dispensaries and grows), you will need an official badge issued from the state’s MMED (Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division). The process can take up to 10 visits, and is a tedious one. However, without a badge, you will not be hired by anyone following state law.
See for more information.

Well at least I can openly smoke since it is legal. Wrong-O!

No, you will receive a ticket and a fine if caught smoking cannabis at a highly populated area like 16th Street Mall, Civic Center Park or on state (or federal) owned property. You cannot consume cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school. Your best bet is to find a cannabis-friendly hotel, venue, or go to a friend’s place where consumption is legal—even on a friend’s front porch. Remember to always use discretion, positively represent the cannabis community, and help us keep progressing. The entire world is watching Colorado!

And so are we in California. In So Cali, I can walk through MacArthur Park Protest States pot law for 23 years in a rowsmoking a joint and no one cares. Strolling down a street with a ‘j’ lit, and a beat cop will not take his time to hassle you or write you a ticket. In fact, we hassle the Man out here in So Cali over pot rights, not rip-offs, as the picture, right, illustrates.

One last point. Though the above comments are set for ‘legal’ non-medical stoners, or ‘recreation’ types, we all know and Washington State is finding out, the people making the rules and the money, are trying to roll up anyone who smokes marijuana regardless, under the same price schedule.

The state of Colorado has a moratorium period on new, non-transferred recreational marijuana dispensaries until October 1st, 2014. Until then, only current medical marijuana centers can transfer to recreational. However, Denver has a two-year moratorium on new businesses opening, so until 2016, there will be no new dispensaries in Denver. Many other cities also have moratoriums or bans on recreational facilities. New recreational facilities will be able to apply for licenses, but need to be approved by their local government along with the state of Colorado after October 1st, 2014.

Why is it like this. For those not on the short bus to Denver the logic is simple. Alcohol prices have remained flat and cheap because the people on liquor boards (may) drink alcohol. Certainly our Congress does as was reported even in the main stream news during the sequester. Those types of people are not going to make what they drink exorbitant in price. Though claiming ‘Christianity’ as their religion [there are a few atheists in state office as I’m told], compassion is not a part of any moral fiber.

But hey, this is America and the Dream of America is green, doncha’ know. Let the buyer beware.

PT Rothschild

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